Download Mini Militia Mod Apk | Unlimited nitro, health & ammo 2020

Mini Militia God mod apk download unlimited health and ammo

This century prefer to play games on their android phone or iPad especially those kids. Almost everyone in this century enjoy to play game starting from low quality games like Card games and soon.

But almost everybody enjoy to download and play top best offline multiplayer game like Mini Militia mod apk version (also no as Doodle Army 2). It’s one of the best shooting offline and online multiplayer game in 2020

Download Mini Militia Mod Apk | Unlimited nitro, health & ammo 2020 1

This article will guide you through on how to successfully download and install the latest 2020 version of Mini militia mod apk android game and start to enjoy the cracked or hacked items like guns, grenades, bullet and many other items.

But let this be in your mind that this game is free, but it have store where you can buy new gun, Grande capacity, aim capacity, increase life bar and many other items in the store.

Assuming you decide crack or hack this apk game, I mean you are not ready to pay for those items, then get ready to download and install mini militia mod apk version on your phone because this post will give you direct download link and also noted this mod version give you access to buy anything from the store without money.

What is Mini Militia?

Here is the brief history of mini militia. This game was developed in 2017 for multiplayer (also single player) and with 2D graphic. Because the game can connect 12 players together both offline (with WiFi) and online. It go viral across the globe. This militia has different level in which you can choose anyone for you to enjoy your shooting and make more fun.

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Mini Militia Mod apk  Feature

Below are the functions you need to know about this mod mini militia before you download it.
  • Infinite weapon and ammo
You will have free permission to guns, poisonous gas, grenade, various guns, bullets on this cracked version of mini militia mod (Doodle Army 2) apk.
  • Access to use infinite jet pack
With this infinite jet-pack, you can reach any height while playing the game and no suicide with happen because the jet pack can never be exhaust.
  • Infinite health on mod militia apk
With this unlimited health, you have to become immortal and shoot in any style you preferred.
  • Magic-bullet

Anyone that receive a single shot of your bullet will surely die. That sounded cool right, which mean you are going to rule the game whenever you are playing with the mod Doodle mini militia army 2 apk version.

  • Ability to find enemy
With this function, you don’t need to locate any enemy, because red arrow will point to their location automatically.
  • In this mini militia mod apk, no block or wall
You can pass through any wall when playing the mod version and this allow you to reach your enemy in time.
  • Zoom in & out
You have ability to zoom up to 8x while using sniper and some zooming effect is applicable to other guns.
  • New costume
On the version you can costume your dressing even your appearance by adding face-cap and lot more.
  • Store point
Will this store point, you can buy anything you want (like; guns, increase bullet & graned number) in the store without using money to purchase.

Details about this Mini militia mod apk game

  • App Name: Mini Militia
  • File Size: 59.2MB
  • App version: v5.05
  • Required Android version: v4.0 and later
  • Developer: Appsomniacs LLC
  • Last update: January 2020

How can I download and play Mini Militia Mod apk (Doodle Army 2)

Download Mini Militia mod apk version from here
Before you can install this game, you have to uninstall the original version from your android device.
If you have uninstalled the original version, then let’s rock by going to settings and navigate to security.

Under security, try to scan for “Unknown Source” and tick the box for that you will not have any conflict when installing the game.

After that short process, proceed to download folder and install the mod apk game on your device and start enjoying.

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