Will the tech-Grinch steal the Christmas?

Everything is moving on the web, like our businesses, our social lives, and every sweet moment that we want in our memories.

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Seemingly, it is fascinating, but since the Grinch has turned technological and Christmas is around the corner, businesses worldwide are concerned about data security.

Tech –Grinch could steal your Christmas if you have left your devices unattended and without having security measures. The business world is facing online threats, and business data breaches are occurring after every 39 seconds. The online attackers are attacking a business organization in five different ways in a single attempt.

Therefore, businesses are looking forward to setting security measures before the tech-Grinch steal their Christmas to the fullest. 

How cyber-attacks stealing business data?

Online security has become mandatory for business firms, and businesses are facing online attacks and get breached. Therefore, the usages of such resources that can counter online attacks are necessary for the survival of the corporate sector. Before we are going to discuss how to prevent the tech-Grinch from stealing your Christmas, you need to know about the statistics about cyber –attacks.

  • Top Five Cyber –Attacks expenses you need to know –Statistics
  • More than $133.7 billion has spent on the online security of the business worldwide
  • 70% of the firms say that online security issues are increasing day by day
  • Data breaches cause 4.1 billion records in early 2019
  • Almost 65% of the data breaches were financially motivated, and 25% were motivated by espionage
  • 52% data breaching of business firms was due to hacking, 28% due to malware, and 33% based on phishing, scams, and social engineering

Data Breaches incidents that you need to know

Tech-Grinch has come up with the influence of hacking, ransom ware attacks, and many more. The companies worldwide have experienced breaches in the year 2019. It has cost businesses reputational issues and destroys the businesses to the ground. You can make sure that your organizations from data-stealing, and you can prevent Tech –Grinch steal your Christmas, but you have to know about the kinds of cyber data breaching.

  • There are 8 Common attacks that every business needs to know
  • Online attacks on business credentials, like passwords & IDs
  • Apps and back doors vulnerabilities
  • Malicious malware
  • Malicious links
  • Social Engineering
  • Unauthorized permissions to PCs, Phones, and computer devices
  • Internal threats via rogue employees
  • Human errors

If you are facing these kinds of online attacks on your business and your businesses on the verge of destruction, then you have to put security in place on business owned phones, tablets, PCs, and computer devices.

You have to monitor your employees, use credentials, emails, and many more to prevent data breaching from inside. Moreover, you can create a backup for your business data to the fullest.

How to prevent Tech-Grinch from stealing your Christmas?

You can stop online attacks, and at least you can protect your data and prevent employees from human errors and make sure the usage of strong credentials on business devices.

You can keep an eye on emails and websites they visit full of malicious activities. Moreover, you can do create a backup for intellectual property on business devices by using an employee monitoring app.

How employee monitoring app prevents cyber –attacks & secure data?

You need to install the employee tracking app on the target cellphones, PCs, and on the computer, devices having all the products against business devices OS and models. You can visit the webpage of the surveillance software for cellphones and PCs.

You will get the license for computers and phones to get the job done. Moreover, you can install the employee monitoring app on the target devices following the subscriptions and use the features to make sure business safety to the fullest.

Business owners can remotely record live screen activities of business phones, computers, and other devices. Moreover, you can track sent and received emails from your employees and record keystrokes applied on crucial logins on business devices. It further records live communication in terms of live phone calls, VoIP calls on instant messaging apps and tracks the GPS location of lost theft devices. It can sync all the business data to the dashboard that empowers you to retrieve it back if someone has stolen your data. You can block websites that are full of malware, scams, phishing attacks, and many more.


Employee monitoring software is the best tool against the tech-Grinch that turns to cybercriminals and prevents data breaches and makes sure business data safety to the fullest.

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