Tweakware Vpn Free Browsing Cheat Configuration With MTN 0.0kb

Updated on 01/April/2020 for free internet cheat
Hello guys, its has been a while we used tweakware config file for mtn free browsing cheat right?

Free browsing code with vpn

Now tweakware Vpn is trending MTN free browsing cheat in April 2020 and it’s working 10 times faster than the old cheat only if you download the latest Tweakware version.

Before will proceed, let me announce the free browsing cheat for all network like GLO, MTN, 9mobile and Airtel and also the browsing tweak are available for country like Nigeria with the use of TLS tunnel vpn on 9mobile social pak, South Africa, Ghana and Zambia.

Above are the free internet trick. Back to tweakware, this tweakware config file for mtn cheat can be block anytime from now and also it’s not unlimited, means the data is capped per day. If you exhausted your own means you have to wait for the following day.

Requirement to use tweakware config file for mtn

  • You need an Android phone running on v4.4 upward for better browsing and faster connection
  • Get MTN sim running on 3G or 4G
  • Make sure you have no active data plan on your sim, i.e MTN 0.0kb
  • Get the latest Tweakware version from here
  • Or get it from here

How Can I Setup or Tweakware VPN Config file for MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat?

  • As mentioned earlier, download the app from the above link and make installation of the app
  • Now launch the Tweakware vpn free browsing cheat app
  • Hit Tweak icon> hide items will be display like this
  • Navigate back to the main menu of the app and select Free Server.
  • Now hit the Connection button.

Within a few seconds you should get connected and start browsing on 0.0kb with MTN. As you can see, no config file to download.


The connection can trouble you, means you have slow network coverage and terminate the app or re-run it.

Remember this tweakware Vpn free browsing cheat on MTN can stop working anytime from now. But will we update it when will see another free browsing trick or navigate to our Label under Network to see the latest cheat.

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