How to fix “To allow access please respond on your iPhone”?

Are you trying to connect to iTunes so as to enable your iPhone when disabled, in that process you see a notification or message which displayed that “To allow access please respond on your iPhone”? If you see that notification on iPad or iPhone display screen and it seem not to respond to some action or command, which means it remain disabled and few reason can cause the disable which will be discuss in this article. You don’t need to panic because it’s just little bug and you will get it enable in matters of minutes.
To allow access please respond
Here is cumulative list of ways on how to fix “To allow access please respond on your iPhone” I will provide you simple full guide that will help you get access to your disable iPhone or iPad

Why my iPhone disabled problem occurs?

The main queries that raised from iPhone users is that, why this error “iPhone is disabled, please connect your iPhone 8, x or max to iTunes “. If your iPhone or iPad is disabled, this error will prompt on your screen when you are trying connect it to iTunes in other to enable it, a sticky error will prompt. That sticky error left your device disabled and your iPhone will not respond to any command you make to it. This is technical bugs from Apple and they are notified about this glitch. Although many people have made tons of research and discovered that no specific reason for the disabled. The Apple company are trying to fix that error any moment from now. Before that happen, I will provide you full guide on how to re-enable it.


How can I “Fix please respond on your iPhone”?

As mentioned earlier don’t panic its just minor glitch, here are two procedures to fix that disabled error. Both procedure is listed below. Therefore, you are on your own to choose the one that suit you.

My iPhone is disabled how can I reset or unlock it?

Procedure: Overlook the error and wait for the software to finish operating on the iPhone.
This is developed by the official Apple company, which was released to make your iPhone smoother and more optimized. This error is one of the easiest methods to solve.  It’s highly effective technique and it’s going to help for sure.  Follow all of these steps cautiously:
  • If your device prompt that bug on your display screen, just neglect it until the software finishes operating on your iPhone.
  • Once you pass the first step, another message will pop up saying prompt this computer to ‘ Trust ‘ or ‘ Don’t trust ‘. As show below;
don't trust
  • Kindly check ‘Trust’ option, within few second some task will start on your iPhone. Which means you have to wait for few minutes to allow full access to your device and also error notification will be removed.



Second Method: Restore your iPhone to the Recovery Mode

Recovery mode is one of the highly powerful and simple process to get your iPhone running smoothly. Although while restoring, you will lose your data and that’s bad idea. Before you make attempt to restore your phone, kindly backup your data which is highly recommended for all users for both iPhone and Android device. After you have successful back up, then you are free to go for recovery.
    1. Get the latest updated version of iTunes on your computer, it’s highly recommended, because it will prevent any issue during the process
    2. Run the iTunes software on your pc or any ultrawide monitor with your macbook pro
    3. Now move to your device by holding the power button of your iPhone X & 8 or iPad until a notification pop up on the displaying screen saying Slide to power off your device
    4. Wait for some minute for your device to off successfully
    5. Hold down your iPhone’s power button for a couple of seconds. When Apple logo pop up, release the power button immediately.


  1. A message of recovery will be shown on your desktop. Click Ok Restore 
  2. When prompted, select “restore from backup.” After completion of the process, all of your information including pictures and notes will be recovered to your iPhone or iPad.
So those were the two ways to fix “To allow access please respond on your iPhone”. We’re fairly sure you’ve been assisted by at least one of the above two techniques. If you use the 2nd technique, sometimes the process of restoration may take a long time to the extent that you may believe nothing works. But just leave it that way until it’s fully restored.
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