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 How to Activate Airtel 4GB data and get up to 9GB Data With N1000

Today, I'm going to show you how to activate and get up to 9GB data on 4GB Airtel sim card without any hassle and don't forget to check MTN free browsing cheat setting on Combo VPN with 0.0kb.
Before I proceeded. Let me ask you few questions
Are you looking for cheap data plan in 2019 ?
Are you searching for best cheap data plan with #1000 ?
Then you are in the right place!
We are all familiar with the way it is likely possible to get cheap data on Airtel. Talking from past experiences, you should have heard of the 4.6GB data plan worth N200 on this same network. Also, you can get at least 4.5GB data for N1000 on Airtel without breaking a single sweat.
Fortunately for us today, we are going to look at how we can activate Airtel 9GB data on 4G Sim For N1000 on your line. It is very much possible to get this data for that price, since we have done it before with N400, what’s N1000!
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4G sim card
4G LTE Smartphone
N100  to Activate the first 4GB data bonus
1000 to Activate the 5GB data.

How to activate and  get Airtel 9GB data on 4G sim for N1000 

Step 1➡ Go get a registered Airtel 4G SIM card. If you don't have,find a way to get brand new 4G sim.
Step 2 ➡ Get a smartphone with a network coverage of 4G LTE.
Step 3 ➡ Activate the SIM card by recharging at least N100. This offer work on all smartphone that support 4G network.
Insert your sim card on the 4G smartphone and then turn on your data connection and you should received a message from Airtel like this;
Welcome to Airtel 4G/LTE. You have been credited with a 4G/LTE trial offer of FREE 4GB, dial *140# to check. You will also get 25% Data bonus when you activate data plans from N500 above, for the next 3 months. Bonus data is usable on 4G/LTE network only.”
How to activate Airtel 4GB data bonus
When you see that message, that's show you are qualified for this offer means you have activated your 4G data bonus on Airtel  4GB sim, then proceed with the next step.
Step 4 ➡ Send GET to 141.
Step 5 ➡ Send MIFI to 141.
After that, recharge your Airtel line with N1000, then subscribe to the N1000 data plan.
How to activate Airtel 4GB data bonus and 9GB data on 4G sim for N1000 On Airtel
Purchasing the plan gives you 5GB + 4GB data given to you while activating the Airtel 4G Sim = 9GB. You can’t get the 4GB data bonus on the same phone twice but you are still open to get the 300% data bonus. 
Above steps show you how to activate Airtel 9GB data on 4G sim.
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No matter how satisfied you are with your creation or your designs, it is obvious that as a designer, you would definitely want to create an impact on your target audience with it. Since art is a product of public consumption, and your success depends on the reactions that you garner from your consumers, it is necessary that they love your designs. Hence, you cannot afford to ignore any minor details of a design. Every image and graphic you create needs to be perfect. Even if you are clicking photographs, it is necessary that the colors, shades, depth and light remain perfect. How can you do that? Well, with the magic touch of Photoshop tool you can achieve such perfection for your images.

If you are thinking that the tool can only edit a few details in your image, then you are seriously mistaken. In fact, Photoshop is capable of doing some amazing alteration for your images. The cloning tool of Photoshop is one such feature that can work wonders for your photos. Do you want to know how to use cloning tool in Photoshop like a pro? If yes, then you must take a look at the following points to know more.

• Work on a New Layer
Layers in Photoshop work like a mask. In fact, it gives you the liberty to work for freely and make changes. If you are using the cloning tool, make sure you select a new layer. Working on a new layer will keep the original image unchanged in pixels. And if you don’t like the changes that you have made, you can easily remove the layer after you are done and will automatically get the original image back, just like how it was before you used the cloning tool.

• Zoom In a Lot
While working in a specific area, it is necessary for you to isolate it from the rest of the graphic. So, zoom in, even till 100% if it is necessary. It will let you easily isolate the area from the rest of the picture and will also give a chance to work on the details that you might not see otherwise. When you will zoom out, you will see that the details becoming indistinguishable in the image. Use the shortcut by holding Alt key and scrolling the wheel of the mouse to do this easily.

• Brush Size and Hardness
While working on cloning tool, you will have to keep changing the brush size often. According to the requirements of the changes you are making, you have to change the size of the brush. Use the keyboard shortcuts to change it quickly instead of choosing one size from the panel. Use “[“ for making the brush smaller and “]” to make the brush bigger.

Setting the brush’s edge and its hardness is also necessary. The hardness will determine how easily the edit will blend with the background. More hardness, towards 1005 will make the edge hard and definite. Lower hardness towards 0% will easily blend with the surroundings.

So, now as you know about these important tips, implement them in your designs..
We would very much appreciate your comment.
Flashints is the best technology website for free browsing, network reviews and seo tools reviews.

 How to create custom ringtone on android device

Hi guys, I'm going to teach you how to create custom ringtones on your Android device is certainly pretty easy, and there are different ways to do this. Either on PC , Internet and also from your android device. Either on PC, Internet and also from your android device.
And as soon as you've got the ringing tone, all you have to do is drop it into the correct folder or, inside the case of Android Oreo, simply add it to the list.
ringtone android

Before I get started, it’s worth noting that you can only do that with files you clearly have streaming music won’t works. Even music downloaded for offline playback from Google Play Music or comparable can’t be edited, so you should have to get entry and tried and true MP3 file for this.
OK now let's roll on.

How to Create Custom Ringtones for Your Android Devices.

Creating ringtones for your android device is some thing that’s very easy to do, first of all download an app called  Ringtone Maker.
While it named is not unique and nicely designed, but it’s useful and easy to use, that's clearly what we need right here.

When you open the app, it should detect upon all MP3 files found on your Android device. Opening the file for editing is a bit counter-intuitive in Ringtone Maker; tapping the tune name will easily play it. In order to open it for editing, you’ll need to tap the down-arrow button on the right side of the file name, then select
ringtone app for android

creating ringtone

Once the editor is open, you could start deciding on the section you’d want to save as a ringtone. This is a lot like the above methods, though Ringtone Maker is a piece greater like Audacity than MP3 Cut since it allows you to used not only the sliders, but also key in exact beginning and end times.
ringtone custom create

how to create custom ringtone

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IPhone problem by blowtips
In this article, I will talk about different kinds of repairs with different iPhone models.
Just like other computer devices, iPhones also go bad and repair is always needed.

Apple was the first company in the world who introduced touch based iPhones. They started with their first Generation iPhone in 2007. It was a new idea. People liked it. Apple also felt the popularity and kept introducing model after models. IPhone 10 is the last and latest at the moment. After 2g, 3g, iPhone 4, 6, 7, 8 and now iPhone X, the main question is what kinds of problems are most common with these devices and how hard it is to repair them?

Before digging deeper let me express myself about Apple’s iPhones. In my personal opinion, they are the best devices I have ever seen.

They are very productive in the sense that they can be used email servers (on the go) in addition to normal phone needs, although they are being used for many functions like taking pictures, storing music and videos and are being used for many other days to day operations. Overall they are the most hit devices in the market these days. With all these wonderful facts and features, they can also go bad. So the question is what can most probably go bad with them.

Let’s jump to the fact.
The most common and unstoppable is the screen damage. This happens due to physical damage although some times, it can be, wear and tear and other manufacture defects. It does not matter what model, it can happen to any model.

Due to touch technology dependence on glass material, the screen is fragile and cannot resist against physical damage. No matter what model, screen can be replaced. Screen repair can be done at any iPhone repair shop. This needs professional experience to avoid further damage.

Apple store also offers screen replacement service at their locations. The screen can be changed outside at private stores too. The screen is not just a one piece; it usually has few accessories attached to it like touch, front and back camera, microphone, home button, fingerprint module, earpiece and proximity sensor. There are many types of repair shops available, but it is highly recommended to always choose an experienced and Apple certified repair place outside Apple world.

• The next problem is mostly liquid damage.
People mostly take their iPhone with them everywhere. Whether it is school, work, vacations or travel, they take them everywhere because they are addicted to their iPhones. Taking pictures is the most popular activity in daily life. They even take their phones inside water. Wherever there is a human, there will be an iPhone or other phone and wherever there is a human, there is always food and liquids around them. Accidental spill in the form of water, coke, beer, tea, milk or moister and many other forms of liquid damage is very common.

Liquid damage can damage one or more components of an iPhone. This can once again include the LCD or touch, charging port, front and back camera, battery, speakers, microphone, headphone jack and last but not the least, the logic board. All the data on an iPhone is stored on a flash memory integrated on to the logic board. When a logic board is damaged with liquid, the data is also lost unless a recovery attempt is made. Data recovery in such situations is possible. I have personally recovered iPhones that were totally dead due to water or liquid damage. There is always only one chance to recover from such damage. The phone has strong encryption and thus a proper attempt to recover it, is always needed. If you ever need to recover your liquid damage iPhone, you can contact liquid damage recovery specialists.

Non functioning touch screen and no back light in the lCD are some other known problems with iPhone devices. If this happens, first check with Apple Store if it is covered in warranty otherwise, wisely choose a certified place to perform proper repair on your iPhone.
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The enterprise global is more competitive than ever earlier than. Irrespective of what area you figure in, you'll be going through accelerated pressure and competition from all aspects. In these speedy-paced, ruthless surroundings, you need each advantage you could cozy over your competitors.
There are only a few corporations which haven’t yet come around to realising the necessity of getting a internet site. In nowadays international, it's far unthinkable for an enterprise to no longer have an internet presence, however a ways too many are the use of a social media profile in a region of a totally functioned website. These two things aren't the equal; they are both gear with a one-of-a-kind motive. A cell app is another tool, one which can probably do an amazing deal for a enterprise.
Cellular apps permit businesses to target in any other case difficult to attain demographics, particularly millennials, and makes it smooth to apply an era with the intention to get them taking note of your business. Apps are one of the handiest ways of marketing to a large audience, and additionally they give clients new ways to engage together with your enterprise and can help you score maximum ROI.

Here are eight of the excellent motives to have a mobile app advanced in your enterprise:

while used to their complete ability, apps offer one of the fine ROIs of any advertising approach. There is more than one way of using an app to make extra cash, and one-of-a-kind agencies have to approach the hassle in a different way. A few apps make money at once, either by way of charging for the app itself or through charging for purchases within the app. In case your commercial enterprise gives any sort of on line buying provider to clients, then an app is the ideal manner of extending its reach; if clients are capable of order products even as far from their laptop then this is sure to boom income.
Cell apps are also more and more being used to decorate the in-shop revel in for shoppers. As an instance, a few supermarkets now permit buyers to test products as they pick out them off the shelves, after which surely experiment their telephones at the checkout a good way to pay.


we're all spending greater time on our smartphones and online than ever earlier than. Our telephones are playing an ever-increasing function within the manner that we save for a variety of products and services. Online retail giants which include eBay and Amazon now see a huge component in their on-line income coming via their cellular apps. They provide consumers, a degree of convenience that changed into previously unthinkable. Each Amazon and eBay also act as systems on which people and small businesses can sell their products. That is a terrific way to build your reputation as a commercial enterprise, as this in flip will appeal to greater people in your app.
So that it will make your business’ app paintings to its full capacity, you'll want to extend its attraction past your middle purchaser base. Designing an app that may hyperlink up in some way to customers’ social media money owed is a first-rate manner of encouraging them to spread the word approximately your app.
For the great risk of success, it's far really worth having your app produced via expert cell app builders together with the United Kingdom primarily based mobile App builders in United kingdom. They have got an outstanding know user expectations and assist you meet them making them a perfect choice.
2017 marked 10 years since the unveiling and release of the primary iPhone.CUSTOMERS PREFER MOBILE GADGETS. Seeing that then however, clients have proven a clear choice for using their mobile gadgets on every occasion they are able to. The convenience of being able to order objects at the go, and now not having to be sat at a laptop, is something that no other technology can beat.

there may be a myriad of approaches that an app may be used a good way to join extra together with your patron base. As an example, your app can act as a platform thru which you may push replace notifications to users as a means of keeping them informed approximately developments to your enterprise. You can additionally use the app to deliver virtual coupons, or special app-most effective gives to customers. This lets in you to run big scale promotions without having to spend almost as plenty money as you’d generally need to.
Advantage perception into Your clients
facts are a very powerful tool for any present day commercial enterprise that is aware of how to use it. Businesses, both massive and small, generate huge quantities of data as a part of their everyday operations. In maximum instances, this data is left sitting on a difficult drive somewhere and is by no means able to do any true. Through the usage of information analytics, it’s feasible to gain exceptional perception into patron behaviour and make reliable predictions about the future. The simplest impediment is amassing the facts to be analysed.

cell apps assist you to accumulate large amounts of facts and to music each movement that users make while navigating thru your offerings. It is really worth hiring the services of a statistics analytics firm who will let you in interpreting any statistics which you control to gather.

If an app has been designed nicely, then using it should be much less complicated and greater intuitive than seeking to navigate via a website. Apps are designed to be operated on a touchscreen, and irrespective of what the particular features of your app, it ought to constantly be made with consideration for the touchscreen app. Enhancing the revel in for the consumer requires an app that considers both form and feature in its design. An app with lots of exceptional but difficult to use, functions or an app this is poorly designed, gained improve the experience for the user, in fact it can restrict it.

Launching a brand-new product is luxurious. It’s now not simply the charges of designing and producing the product that drains price range, the brand-new product also has to be marketed and explained to customers. Regularly it's miles those latter expenses which incorporate a much large chew of the general price range than most groups would really like. A cell app is the perfect platform for informing existing customers approximately new products, consequently reducing your marketing costs. You may nevertheless want to sell your product to new purchasers of paths, but as long as you can generate sufficient interest that humans download your app, you can then push them data about your new products. An app lets in you to be a whole lot greater thorough in the records which you supply to customers. An app is likewise interactive, something that you can’t obtain with different advertising and marketing mediums.

no matter the many opportunities that mobile apps provide to companies, many had been sluggish to realize the capability. Which means a cellular app can nevertheless make all of the distinction whilst you are competing against other businesses.
Cell apps have goodsized capability for supporting groups to pressure up enterprise and lift attention about their commercial enterprise. It's miles nicely worth the time and money required to outsource improvement of the app to a reputable and professional development group. In case your commercial enterprise isn’t already presenting a cellular app to users, then you definitely must severely recollect the cost it might upload.

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Nothing is more irritating than a screen that is always loading.
You need to get things completed quickly, like send out your important emails or spill your heart out in a blog post, but you’re deprived from doing all this because of your slow internet!

Did you ever stop to think that possibly the fault lies in your mobile telephone, rather than your connection? 
Maybe it’s your smartphone, cluttered with haphazard junk and experiencing system faults, this is slowing down your internet from attaining its complete ability, and for that reason developing such an incredible amount of annoyance for you. If that is indeed the case, all you need to do is some tweaks here and there, and your internet will run as rapid as a flash fire.

How are you going to improve your smartphone’s internet speed in seconds, without having to wait all day? By making the following changes, that’s how.
You’re obsessing over the latest Instagram hashtag, but you can’t hold pace with it because your phone’s internet is getting stuck more often than not, and the browser continues crashing.

You attempt everything, but all in vain. However, you overlook to try the most simple of all measures: restarting your smartphone. Yes, this easy method works like magic most of the time. Simply press the power button, restart your smartphone, wait some seconds, and there you have it – speedy internet.

Limit your home screens.

Sometimes, you’re in a sticky situation and also you need to access an app without having to undergo the entire menu. Having the app on the home display screen is a big help. Just a tap and there it lies. But you don’t need to get carried away with it by having eight to nine widget-filled home screens. That will put an incessant load on the smartphone, burdening it, and preventing it from running the internet smoothly.

Delete those extra screens and allow your smartphone breathes a sigh of relief.
At one time, you installed a certain app for your smartphone, used it for a little while, and then completely forgot about it. It became useless to you, but still, it sits like a weight on your mobile’s memory. Test your smartphone right now, and guess you $100 that you’ll come across at least one such unnecessary app hiding in plain sight. It’s time you deleted it. This can assist to power your internet speed.
You may think that you’ve closed your social media apps before heading off to sleep. This can assist to power your internet speed.

 This could appear harmless, but is honestly draining your smartphone’s battery, power, and memory. Because of this, internet lags are created, bringing you to the factor of pulling your hair out. So move ahead and kill those ninja apps, easing up the device memory and reinvigorating its life.

This is the last resort. If the rest of the hints don’t work out, do a factory reset of your smartphone to deliver everything back to its original state.
So if your mobile internet has been crashing, freezing, and buffering lately, it’s time you taken into consideration the speed-boosting recommendations stated above, so you can enjoy a bump-free experience going ahead.

With these modifications, you may easily play your preferred video games, give out hearts on Instagram, or even watch the latest Netflix series on your mobile with the Xfinity tv app.

If your mobile internet is moving slowly, then possibly your smartphone’s network settings had been tampered with. Scan the whole technical area, and spot if something’s been switched off or set awry automatically. Possibly data caps were planted without your notice, or your network shifted to 3G from your usual 4G LTE. Take a magnifying glass to it, be a detective, and apprehend the slow perpetrator.

Cache is a means by which your preferred apps store bits and portions of information for you if you want to improve the overall experience. Even though this is pretty helpful in some regards, it does create an undue stress on the smartphone as a by product. Clear away the gathered cache of certain apps that you’re willing to let go of, and notice how speedy your mobile internet runs from there.

When the times are as fast-moving and technologically advanced as they are now, you should understand how to flow with them. If the rest of the world’s going up for cloud computing, then why should you be left behind? Take the transition route and shift your storage to the cloud, releasing up your smartphone’s internal memory, and permitting it to perform the important stuff, like the internet, with full power.
In case your mobile internet’s been displaying an irritating quantity of latency, the trouble may also lie on your outdated browser.

A browser is a launching platform, which allows you to access the internet on your phone, and surf the web with ease. If it’s antique, then it may not run certain websites successfully. So adjust your browser (chrome and UC are top options), and enjoy an easy online experience.

Images take extra time to load than text. It’s a recognized fact. So if you can forsake eye-catching images in favor of lightning-fast speeds, then switch on the “text-only” extension to your phone’s browser to surf away easily.

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The increased variety of devices used for browsing and working on documents has led to an increase in the demand for antivirus software. The common debate regarding antivirus software revolves between the paid and free programs. Installing a free antivirus software program allows you to have a free trial and then decide which antivirus software you would like to use permanently. The free antivirus software you use will prove to be extensively effective on your computer or device as it prevents the attack executed by viruses and several other malware types.

Keeping your personal data 100% these days is very difficult. Even major corporations like Yahoo and Equifax have experienced huge breaches that affected millions of users. How can a private citizen or small business prevent a cyber security breach from occurring? The best thing to do is invest in a top rated antivirus - ideally one that automatically updates frequently.

Modern antivirus tools are made to handle a variety of threats like rootkits, Trojans, adware, spyware and ransomware. There are dozens of programs to choose from, but how do you know which one to invest in? Even though Windows 10 comes with its own antivirus and defense tools, many users don't consider it to be enough and opt for a better set of security tools. Also, not everyone uses Windows 10 this day and age. What about Mac and smartphone OS? Which cyber security software company offers protection for Android and iOS?

Here are a few features the top rated antivirus offers:

• Excellent malware-detection capabilities
• Easy setup and user-friendly navigation
• The web and email protection
• Multiplatform and multi-device licensing options
• Router and network protection
• Automatic analysis of suspicious files
• A "Smart Scan" mode

It's highly essential that you use a solution that offers in-product support and troubleshooting. Even it's easy to use, you never know when you might need tech support, which should be available 24/7.

Before installing any antivirus program, look over the system requirements to make sure it is compatible with your computer/device and operating system. It should run smoothly in the background and not interfere with your active apps. A "Game" or "Movie" mode is a beneficial feature as well since it puts notifications on hold so that your full-screen experience won't be interfered with.

How to Get a "Taste" of a Top Rate Antivirus

A top rated antivirus will offer a free trial or free, basic version of its software. You should never be forced to pay anything right away. However, a basic antivirus program might not offer all of the protection you'll need forever - especially if you're running a business or home office. Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated all the time, so you'll need only the best antivirus protection that is able to keep up with all of the newest threats.

So, now that you know what to look for, what is the top rated antivirus that many experts recommend? Avast is a highly rated name in the internet security industry. Its antivirus software is available as a Basic Version and Pro version, and there are a variety of subscription options to choose from. Whatever kind of security you need, you can trust that there is an Avast Antivirus solution that meets those needs.

When you have the top rated antivirus installed, you reduce the risks of getting viruses, malware, spyware, and other threats significantly. All you need are Avast Antivirus discount codes to help you get this product at a very affordable price.