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Flashints is the best technology website for free browsing, network reviews and seo tools reviews.
MTN is here again in another new dimension as we don't have to worry about config file or ssh account creation.
Guess what? We can now browse free again on MTN using Hammer VPN for Android.

What is Hammer VPN?

Hammer VPN is yet another wonderful VPN app with inbuilt servers, which includes both free and premium servers.

Here is the new MTN free browsing cheat settings for this VPN app.

This strange look; hammer VPN is a foreign based VPN app, which don't work in Nigeria and in some African countries but you don't need to panic.

Because we have the modded version of the app available for you to download without any hassle.

Are hammer VPN unlimited browsing without having data plan?

This MTN VPN cheat is not totally unlimited. Some sims were report to be unlimited while some were limit at 100MB daily.


Mod Hammer VPN.
Android Phone.
MTN Sim with 0.0kb airtime or no data plan.

How Can I Setup Free Browsing Cheat On Hammer VPN App Using MTN

Firstly, You must download and install this modded Hammer VPN app via HERE.
Once installation is complet, launch the app and configure it as shown below:

PASSWORD: Leave it at default.
Choose any of the server – free.server-22, nl
Now, insert 8080 on Rport and and 9201 on Lport. As shown below:

Then Connect and wait for about 10 seconds for the VPN to establish a connection and then finally get connected.
Once it gets connected, launch your browser and start browsing, streaming and downloading.
Source; Cheat modded by FLUSHREVIEW

Flashints is the best technology website for free browsing, network reviews and seo tools reviews.
Here is the latest free browsing trick in Nigeria for all MTN user. With the aid of combo you can either surf online or download without spending one naira.

I welcome you guys all again, we known that this year has been really tough. Unlike last year where there were tons of free browsing cheats to choose from.

All hope is not yet lost, Since we will keep updating you guys on free and cheap browsing cheats as we have them.

Hope you enjoy our previous cheat on http injector file and spark VPN for free browsing on MTN

Today, I bring you another setting and steps to enjoy free browsing cheat on MTN.

Combo VPN is an app similar to AnonyTun VPN in functions, terms of setting for tweaking free browsing on MTN, appearance and UI. To get this free browsing you must have the following requirement.

In this tutorial, you will know how to browse free for MTN users with the help of COMBO VPN. This is the latest free MTN browsing trend since February. But before anything, make sure you meet the below requirements to enjoy the cheats.

How Can I Setup MTN Combo VPN For Free Browsing With 0.0kb?


Firstly, an MTN Sim without any data plan.

Secondly, default MTN APN Setting.

Thirdly, it works on both 3G and 4G for Android Phone.

4. Follow me step by steps as we set this VPN for MTN free browsing. Go and download combo app here for android devices or use the below link install it.

5. Download combo via playstore

How to setup free browsing cheat on MTN

6. Open the app, then tap on Combo Settings and click configure this way.

7. Tap your Stealth Tunnel ON.

8. Once the tunnel is on, set your Connection protocol to TCP.

Connection Port use 443

9. Turn on the switch for Connect via parent proxy.

10. Edit and set your parent proxy as
browse for free on MTN via Combo VPN through the below settings

11. And also set 8080 as proxy port.

12. Then turn on the switch for Custom TCP/http headers.
browse for free on MTN via Combo VPN through the below settings

13. Edit your Custom TCP/HTTP headers, by setting your URL/host as; as shown below.
browse for free on MTN via Combo VPN through the below settings

14. Set request method to Connect.

15. Then Injection method to Normal.

16. Once done, tick keep-alive box and tick user-agent.

Finally, tap Generate button and Validate it and save.

Now, save all settings and tap Connect button.

Read also; are hammer VPN unlimited browsing without having data plan?


As I said earlier, this cheat ain't unlimited. So it's just made for social media users, website surfers, urgent music downloads and not for heavy Data Users.

This cheat works without data or Airtime 0.0k on your MTN line and it is capped at 60mb per day. If it stops, then simply open the Combo app again and change URL/host to

If you are an mpulse van and you have mpulse data, then open the Combo app again and change the URL/host to .


This is super fast, you can decide to use many MTN hosts with their various allocation data on Combo for free MTN browsing cheats and more.
 Isn't that cool enough, compare with http injector and spark config file that will waste your time on googling configuration file.

That's all for now, I hope you've got how to configure many proxy hosts on Combo app and enjoy nearly unlimited browsing.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comment box below, and don't forget to share this post with your friends.
Flashints is the best technology website for free browsing, network reviews and seo tools reviews.
Hey guys, here is the latest working Http Injector config file for MTN 0.0KB free browsing cheat, this config file is capped per 1GB daily.
  Read the be instructions on how to import it and make it works.
Ehi HTTP Injector  Config File For February 2019
This new http injector  are super fast and it will power all smartphone apps, below are the requirements to get started:
Requirement file for http injector config file.
  1. An Android Phone
  2. MTN NG 3G or 4G with 0.0kb Airtime and data balance (It doesn't have to be N0.0.
  3. Make sure you have exhausted your airtime, if you have data it might be deducting out of your data, its better to use it in a sim without data.
  4. Apply default MTN APN settings. (Meaning Don't Change your MTN browsing settings),
  5. After you have downloaded the App and the file you need to read the  instruction carefully in order start enjoying it.
New EHI Http Injector Config File for MTN 0.0KB Cheat For February 2019
New Spark VPN Config File for MTN 0.0KB Cheat For February 2019
Step 1. Download https injector apk app from >> Here
2. Download http config ehi file here
Download HTTP Injector App and it's Config file for MTN 0.0kb cheat from the  above links.  After download , open the HTTP APP on your phone.
 Look for something that looks like a file at the right hand top corner of the App below and import the file ehi file.
Note: You can only  import the HTTP file if you know the  exact location its downloaded
After you have imported the file successfully click on start
How To Use Your MTN Http Injector File On Your P.C Using PdaNet+
PdaNet+;  Is used for sharing tunnel VPN connection it allows you to connect all your tunnel VPN network to any PC or device via USB Tethering or WiFi Hotspot.
PdaNet+ App for Android
PdaNet+ Software for P.C
1. Download PdaNet+ for Android here
2.  Download PdaNet+ for P.C here.
Download and install the PdaNet+ on your Android Phoneand on your P.C.
After you install the App on your Android phone and eable USB debugging on your Android (from the “Developer Options” on your settings) and after you install the PdaNet+ on your P.C you will see the icon pinned below on your P.C. Right click from there to connect to USB or WiFi.
Launch the App, connect your phone USB to your P.C,  tick USB tether from your App.
Wait for it to connect on your P.C.
Flashints is the best technology website for free browsing, network reviews and seo tools reviews.
Are you looking for the least SPARK VPN files to enjoy the free browsing cheat in 2019? If yes, you are on the track.

Spark VPN config file was updated On 30th of January 2019.
MTN 2in1 config file is best  free browsing cheat since ending of last year, it gives you opportunity to either tweak and use MPulse data cheat and MTN 0.00k cheat.

For those of you visiting this blog for the first time, I will briefly lecture you these new MTN Config files for free browsing Cheats which are  rocking now in this Country.

For fast reader scroll down to see the latest  Spark VPN configuration file for MTN 0.0kb

Spark is one of the fastest VPN app, it has a slick interface which makes it  light and saves battery by minimizing the power consumption on your smartphone.

This VPN  bypasses network restrictions allowing you to have access to all web pages, it can hide your IP, or either change your internet location and also make you anonymous on the web.

MTN Spark VPN  file.
 For free browsing trick with Zero Naira is just too cool. But am sure you don’t wanna miss it right, this is surprising  aspect of this is that if you don't have credit and data on your phone. As long you are connect on Spark VPN your data won't be deduct. Don't forget to check MTN free browsing cheat setting on Combo VPN with 0.0kb.

If you are on (0803 old line) you have access to unlimited browsing, but if yours is the new sim card which it is capped at 1GIG daily, Isn’t that cool?

There are more features of the VPN app which you can read at Google Play Store, let’s go straight to business on how to configure and setup this cheat.

I will provide you a configuration file for it which you will download in the below link and well detailed method of importing the scv file with the Spark VPN Android app and download link.

  Good day! We're here with the latest  spark configuration file for MTN which will allow you to browse all your favourite sites and download files for free in 2019 and just like the rest, this cheat is limit at 1.1GB daily.  It's  fast and easy to connects without much delay.
To Cleared things up!
Let's keep moving:

How to Activate  free browsing on Spark VPN  for MTN 0.0kb

CheckoutAirtel Triple Data Offer and how to activate Airtel 4GB data 

Requirements file for Free browsing cheat with MTN 0.0kb

1. MTN 3G/4G Sim with 0.0kb data
2. Spark VPN APK - Get on Play store OR Download from Apkpure
3. Spark VPN Config ➡ Download Config One Here || Config 2 Here

Step 1: Make sure you download the required files from the above and move to next step.
2: Locate the downloaded MTN 0.0kb config file and extract all contents.
3: Navigate to your Spark VPN and Click either on Import/Tweaks. Locate the files probably the file should be under download folder.
Spark VPN config file for MTN February 2019
4: Locate the .scv file,  tap on it to import the config and hit the  START Button. With Spark, you will be able to browse the internet for free without having to purchase bundle on your sim.
The Free Internet trick is working perfectly on MTN 0.0k free browsing.
You can use a maximum of 1GB on some sims, while others MTN sim can use up to 2GB to 3GB everyday.
Final Step:  Wait for some minutes for it to get "CONNECTED". When you are connected, then open your browsers/play store/YouTube and start rocking the free browsing.
The data is capped at 1GB daily, and  you can also use multiple MTN sim to bypass the restricted.
Always import any of your newly own SSH ACCOUNT ANYTIME YOU LIKE.