How to Root Android 8.1/8.0 Oreo With Kingoroot

How to root Android 8.1 Oreo

The focus of Oreo  8.0/8.1  Android  is on speed and accuracy. And hence the new edition has managed to add many new functionality for multiple tasks, push notification dots on applications icons, such as photo-in-picture mode. And yet many people want to know how to get root permission from Android 8.0/8.1 Oreo on their smart phones.


By using either root exe with PC or Kingo-root apk app, KingoRoot was the best and fastest way of obtaining root access on your Android. Android phones such as Samsung (partly 60 percent of S series) Huawei, HTC, LG, Sony, Techno, Oukitel, Itel, Infinix and many other Android 8.0/8.1 brand phones can be rooted with this root app.

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What you must know before going into root

I’m going to try and explain this from two angles.

1. Manufacturer/retailer’s angle: When you root your phone, you loose your ability to claim warranty should there be anything wrong with your phone even when the fault is not due to rooting the phone. Apps such as banking apps and other information sensitive apps might not run at all whenever they detect root on your phone (unless you go in the way of magisk systemless root). Rooted phones are deemed vulnerable to attacks from malwares such as a rootkit disguised as another app just to steal your log in info or spy on you.

Noted: Be careful with the types of apps you allow to gain root access. Don’t just grant all Apps root-access.

2. User angle: Rooting does not damage (repairable software damage) your phone. What damages your phone is the process/method utilized to gain root and what you do with root when you eventually have it. Rooting a phone is just a means of obtaining administrative privileges as seen on Microsoft window OS.

If there is no  answer to your question regarding the goodness or danger of rooting an android phone as it depends on the following:

  1. why root?
  2. who is carrying out the rooting process?
  3. what should be done next if something go wrong during rooting process or during root usage
  4. what will I be doing with root access?

If you can’t answer those questions, then rooting is probably not for you.

What you will gain from rooting

You will have ability to spoof your device to any brand you like. ( for example; Spoof your device from Tecno to Samsung, LG, HTC  and soon)
You will have access to tweak your build prop. i.e You can increase your network signal, change your fingerprint signature and soon.
You will have ability to install custom recovery like CMW or TWRP img.
Able to flash any updated or modify custom Rom.

Requirement to root your device without Pc

    • Battery should be at least 65% upward on your Android phones.
    • Your data connection should be strong ( Try to connect with full 3G or 4G network)


  • You need to backup your contacts, pictures and lots more in case.
  • Download the latest Kingoroot app here. Remember, this app is highly powerful and dangerous to use. Therefore you can not find it from play-store.

How You Gain Root Permission on Android 8.0 or 8.1 Oreo Smart-phones With KingoRoot App.

    1. After download have been successful, make the installation of the Apk app, by navigating to the download folder.
    2. During installation, Play-store will warn you that this app is Harmful. But click on continue anyway.
    3. Now,navigate to your launcher and launch the Kingo app to start gaining root access.
    4. OK now, navigate to your Setting> Accessibility and Add kingoroot app.
    5. Under same Setting> Hit on About Phone> Tap on Build number up to 5 times to activate your developer mode and proceed with password or finger-print to get it fully activate.
    6. Back to Setting, Developer options should now be available under setting


  1. Now tap the Developer option and apply the following setting
  2. Enable your USB debugging
  3. Activate your OEM unlocking to gain root access.
  4. Enable verify app over USB
  5. Now hit back to get Kingo app and click gain root access with a tap of button.

Wait till getting root result finish, the speed will depend on your Internet connection.

If  failed try it gain.
To confirm if your device was rooted successfully, you can download Super Su app from Play-store or try app that need root permission.

How Can I Root My Phone With Pc

    • Remember as mentioned earlier, get full 4G or 3G Internet connection.
    • Firstly, Download KingoRoot Exe file on your Computer and make the installation of the software.
    • After installation, a shortcut we display on your desktop icon.
    • Now plug in your android device with USB cable that support transfer of files


  • Make sure your USB debugging is activated.
  • Now launch the Kingo-Root app by double click on the icon
  • Then tap on Root to start rooting process and wait for few minutes to complete the result.
  • Make sure your cable is well connected with your Pc to avoid damage.

Hoped this process will help you get root access on your Android Oero without Pc or with Laptop or Window . If you have any queries, please drop it via our comment box.

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