How To Activate 4GB and 9GB Data on Airtel 4G sim for N1000 Naira

 How to Get  4GB data Plan and get up to 9GB Data With N1000 naira on Airtel.

Today, I’m going to show you how to activate and get up to 9GB data plan on 4GB Airtel sim card without any hassle and don’t forget to check MTN free browsing cheat setting on Combo VPN with 0.0kb.
Before I proceeded. Let me ask you few questions
Are you looking for cheap data plan in 2019 ?
Are you searching for best cheap data plan with 1000 naira ?
Then you are in the right place!
We are all familiar with the way it is likely possible to get cheap data on Airtel. Talking from past experiences, you should have heard of the 4.6GB data plan worth 200 naira on this same network. Also, you can get at least 4.5GB data for N1000 on Airtel without breaking a single sweat.
Fortunately for us today, we are going to look at how we can activate Airtel 9GB data on 4G Sim For N1000 on your line. It is very much possible to get this data for that price, since we have done it before with N400, what’s N1000!

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4G sim card
4G LTE Smartphone
N100  to Activate the first 4GB data bonus
1000 naira to Activate the 5GB data.

How to activate and  get Airtel 9GB data plan on 4G sim for N1000 

Step 1➡ Go get a registered Airtel 4G SIM card. If you don’t have,find a way to get brand new 4G sim.
Step 2 ➡ Get a smartphone with a network coverage of 4G LTE.
Step 3 ➡ Activate the SIM card by recharging at least N100. This offer work on all smartphone that support 4G network.
Insert your sim card on the 4G smartphone and then turn on your data connection and you should received a message from Airtel like this;

Welcome to Airtel 4G/LTE. You have been credited with a 4G/LTE trial offer of FREE 4GB, dial *140# to check. You will also get 25% Data bonus when you activate data plans from N500 above, for the next 3 months. Bonus data is usable on 4G/LTE network only.”

How to activate Airtel 4GB data bonus

When you see that message, that’s show you are qualified for this offer means you have activated your 4G data bonus on Airtel  4GB sim, then proceed with the next step.
Step 4 ➡ Send GET to 141.
Step 5 ➡ Send MIFI to 141.
After that, recharge your Airtel line with 1000 naira, then subscribe to the N1000 data plan.

How to activate Airtel 4GB data bonus and 9GB data on 4G sim for N1000 On Airtel

Purchasing the plan gives you 5GB + 4GB data given to you while activating the Airtel 4G Sim = 9GB. You can’t get the 4GB data bonus on the same phone twice but you are still open to get the 300% data bonus.

Above steps show you how to activate Airtel 9GB data on 4G sim.
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