MTN Free Browsing Cheat with 24clan Green Vpn | January 2020

Hi guys,  we are back with another MTN free browsing cheat with 24clan Green Edition Vpn. This is the trending cheat for the month of April 2020 and it works on all android phone.

Green Edition  is updated mod version of 24clan vpn pro by our pro blogger called  Entclassblog, in which all bugs like slow connection, connection timeout, Please update to latest version on playstore to enjoy free internet cheat, MTN tweak that stop suddenly and so many bugs like that are all fixed on the latest version. Although the Mb is still caped at 50mb per day.

It’s easy to setup the Green Edition version

It seems it’s difficult to some people to setup the old version or you don’t know how the old 24clan works. Well if that should be the case I have introduced you to the new version of the app called  Green Edition, which allow you to browse the internet without active data and sometimes you can subscribe to social plan and turn it to free browsing cheat by accessing  data that worth 50mb per day.

0.0k MTN Free Browsing Cheat With 24Clan VPN Green Edition

The  new edition assist you guys to prevent some technical error when you are trying to setup the free browsing cheat and don’t forget it assist some people that don’t have much knowledge about setting up or tweaking Vpn app. This green 24clan edition connect with just a single button without much time.

Before I proceed, let me brief you the secret, both old version and new edition used Tweakware algorithm to setup free browsing data for you guys.

Requirements to setup 24clan vpn Green Edition cheat for January 2020

  • Firstly get your smartphone that run on 4lte or lower
  • You need Sim card like Glo or MTN without any data plan on it.
  • Get the latest version of 24clan Green Edition here.

How Can I Setup 24clan Green Vpn For MTN Browsing Cheat

  • After downloading the app,  make installation of the app
  • Now launch the app,
  • Now tap on Tweaks and select MTN 0.0k Free server
Green edition free browsing
  • After that, hit on Connect button and within 10 seconds, it should get connect depend on your network location.

When connection is successful, minimize the app and open any browser you which to use or navigate to your whatsapp and start chatting

This 24clan Green Edition is capped at 50mb per day and actually its not new tweak. If you exhausted your 50mb per day you will realize that you are not connected again means you have to look for another SIM. Something if you have not exhausted your 50mb per day,  it seem the server is overload means you have to wait.

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