How to fix fast charging issue on Samsung galaxy & other devices

Fix Galaxy S10, S8, S7 & other phones fast-charging problem (your charging slow or fast-charging not working perfectly)

As we are aware that fast charging helps us to charge our phone within a short period of time (60-120 minutes). Although, if your battery is above 3000mAH it will take almost 1-2 hours to fully charge (for healthy battery), and that’s pretty cool. But the main consumption of our smart-phone battery are the display, Internet connection and the processors (depend on the app you run).
In 2013 Qualcomm company introduced fast (flash) charging to all manufacturers like Samsung (galaxy s6 &s8), Infinix & Techno. But a few years later, all manufacturer companies adopted this fast charging. It helps to save time because our phone will charge less than  2 hours.

How to fix fast charging not working

How did you think fast charging work?

For you that don’t understand how fast charging works, this post will give you the basic idea of how it goes. Although some people think the higher the current, the fast the charging will be, but the case is different. All fast chargers ensured that higher current flows to the device, but the current is limited to make sure phone don’t get burst or battery temperature don’t get high. Although we had some bad news when fast charging was introduced, but all the mistake has been correct by smart-phone manufacturers and charger’s companies.
Well, all company tried to adapt to flash charging, but things don’t go well, because most users complain a lot about quick charging after a month of purchase. We are here today to discuss the major causes and how to solve any phone with a quick charging problem.

As we all know that some users have an issue with fast charging. Here are basic things that cause slow charging on Samsung Galaxy S10 or other devices.

Your USB cable is faulty (i.e. it’s old or broken)
USB cable carry low current
You are using a charger that doesn’t support fast charging
Your adapter is faulty (its weak or have slow charging)
Hardware problem: USB charging port is dirty (filled with dust)
Charging port is faulty (is not having proper contact with the board)
Software bugs: Probably software has disabled quick charging in setting or you accidentally disabled it.

For you to identify slow charging problem, you have to troubleshoot different things ( i mean one step can’t identify the problem in some cases). If you agree to the statement above, let try a different method to enable fast charging on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10, S8, S7, S6, S10, infinix and other devices.

How to fix fast charging not working

First tips; Ensure fast charging is enabled via a setting
As we knew that most of the manufacturing company like Samsung Galaxy, Tecno, Infinix, and some devices provide access to disable fast-charging in setting’s options.
Since disable option is in Settings, who knows maybe third party app has disabled it, via OS update or you disable it accidentally. You can be one of the victims, but if not let say hardware problem (I mean let’s assume on hardware issue). Before slow charging spark you, here are few tips to enables quick charging option in android settings.

Swipe down your notification bar and locate setting or use the app icon to launch your settings
Settings>> Locate battery>> tap on it, scroll down and enable fast-charging cable.
Now charge your smartphone with original charger (both cable and adapter) to see how your phone will fast charge in few minutes. but if you noticed that the percentage battery doesn’t increase, you can restart your smartphone.

Tips 2: Try to use the recommended charger

Use fast charger

Be sure that the charger is recommended for you (don’t buy anyhow charger in the market), let the expert select certified charger for you. Also, try to note that the output of that charger is between 2-3Amps. 2-3 amps is recommended for super-fast charging on all smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S10, S8, S7, Infinix and other devices. Take precaution about the output of any adapter you get in the market because some device doesn’t support any output that exceeds 2Amps (I’m not responsible for any damage).
What you need to observe on your adaptor, try to check if it supports fast charging. Its printed (either image or text) on the charger adaptor, it can be like; Fast-charging, ⚡ or quick charging. But if you don’t find such things on your charger, it means your charger doesn’t support it.  Although if your charger got the above feature and you still experience slow charging on your device, you can proceed to the next step.

Tips 3; Try to use a different USB cord

Some people don’t believe USB cable do weak as your adaptor does. Your USB cable can get damage (i.e. slow current flow through it) because you don’t take good care of it.
How can I get my USB cable damage?
Damage by wrapping it inside your pocket or bag
If your USB cord is attached to your adapter and you put it inside your bag or wrap it in your pocket, it will get damaged. Although this process is quite long to get it damage. If you are doing such things, try another method to keep your USB cable safe.
If you try the above method to keep your cable this is how it get damage; the microwire is attached from the adapter mouth to the USB mouth that connects your phone together, at the edge of microwire, they are fragile in which they start cutting if you don’t take proper care of it and it will make your phone slow down in charging.

Now since you know USB cable can get damaged, it doesn’t mean your phone will stop charging, but you will experience slow charging on your device no matter how fast your adapter can be
Now let assume your cable is faulty, try to replace only the cable and leave the adapter if you are sure it’s not weak. Take precaution if you want to choose new USB cable (I mean pick the want that support fast charging).

If you replace your USB cable and it doesn’t work. Let try some troubleshoot;
Combine the new USB cable with another adapter that supports fast charging or try the USB cable and your old adapter on another device that possess quick charging. If you observed it work on another device, then proceed to the next tips. But if its vice versa, means charger problem.

Tips 4; Try to remove the accumulation of dirt from your charging point

Dust or other debris components that accumulated inside your charging point can let your device slowdown in charging because USB cable doesn’t have full contact with your phone. A dusty environment can cause debris to accumulate in it.
To check if your charging port is full of debris; get a flashlight, and take a look inside of your charging point and if you see any debris component (like dust, cotton materials, even rust) in it, try to clean it.
How to remove debris component from my device;
Switch off your smartphone and if possible remove your battery to avoid hardware damage.
Get pointed object like needle, toothpick or tweezers to clean the debris.
You can dip your toothbrush in alcohol and brush it softly to avoid damage.
You can also dip cotton in alcohol and swab the debris area for proper clean.
If you are through with that, allow your phone to dry up for like 3 hours.
I hope this procedure should help a lot. but in case it doesn’t work, let’s have another troubleshoot.

Tips 5; Try to charge in safe mode
Actually, I should have recommended this method as the first option, because we can assume it’s can be the third party app that cause the issue or software glitching.
To troubleshoot that, boot your device in safe mode to see maybe it will fast-charge. Safe-mode will disable all third-party app you have installed on it.
To boot in safe-mode while your device is still power on, press power button and hold it for few second, safe mode option will pop up telling you to reboot your device in safe mode. Another option is to hold the power off option for few second and safe-mode message will pop up.
Once your device reboot in safe-mode you will notice the safe-mode icon in left-bottom or your third party app are not loaded in safe-mode, now plug in your phone again and see maybe it will fast charge. If it does, let agree that some third-party app causes the issue.
So try to uninstall all app you recently installed when quick charge stops working by rebooting your back to normal mode. Try to uninstall all battery manager you have installed on your device. But if this method doesn’t work let’s try the factory reset option.

Tips 6; Make use of factory reset to enable fast charging
Pick this option if only the above method doesn’t work for you. Also, take precaution before you pick it because I will not be responsible for any data lost on your device. Before you take this option, make a full backup of your data in other not to lost any of them.
Proceed to setting>> scroll down to Backup and reset>>pick factory reset option and wait for several minutes to complete the factory reset. Once the reset is complete, I hope your device will fast-charge. In case this method doesn’t work for you, let assume it’s a hardware problem. Try to visit any phone technician or return it to the factory if you have not voided your warranty.

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