15 Best Paid Games for Android of All Time That Worth Your Money in May 2023

Did you need to stay bored? When there are tons of top paid games for android on playstore. Though if you are confused about what types of paid games to choose on playstore, this article is for you, because we picked those paid Android games based on some categories like; reviews, most downloads, and top play best paid games for Android.

We should not say Android devices are dominating the world. But the facts is that they are the most used devices across the Globe. The most interesting part is that it’s good at playing games like ppsspp iso games and normal Apk + obb games.

Since people’s game choices on the android platform are different. we have made some list of best paid games in Android based on their categories. So it’s left for you to pick your choice.
We decided to make the list because it’s totally annoying when you purchase some games and you found out that this game does not worth the money. If you are in such situations, and you are looking for some games that worth the amount, let’s ride on.

Criteria to looks before paying for android games

High-quality graphic display
In fact, most of the paid Android games listed below are 2D, 3D and some are full HD display. I mean it was developed for better gaming experience and perform smoothly on Android devices with the HD graphics it carries along.

Little or bugs free
Most of the purchase android games have some bugs, but the one listed here has little or bugs free. If there are bugs since they update it frequently, some of those bugs are eliminated.

Little or low battery Consumption
Despite the HD graphics display, those listed paid games consume low battery and no lag when you are in action with the games

Requirements to play these games on your Android devices

  • Minimum Android requirement is 4.4 or later
  • Minimum of 2GB RAM with Quad-core processor or higher
  • Minimum of 2-3GB free internal storage (this have to depend on the game size)

List of best paid games for android in May 2020


1. Need for speed most wanted

Need for speed most wanted


It’s one of the most played and popular racing paid android games of all time. Although there are freemium and premium versions of this game.
If you want to be one of the most wanted in the game, you have to try and out-drive your opponents, be smart with your rivals and outrun those cops.
By doing that, those relentless cops will never give up on taking you down and that we have to divert your attention from winning the race. So you need to take advantage and find those hiding spots to win the race.
This game also supports multiplayer modes with your friends if you wish to prove your racing skills. Purchase it on playstore


2. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas


Rockstar games are one of the interesting games, especially GTA V but the official version is not yet available for mobile devices. GTA San Andreas is one of the most sell games by the Rockstar company and the game is available on all gaming devices.

GTA SA was classified under action/adventure game and it has lots of awesome missions that will keep you busy throughout the day.
You have to act the role of Johnson Carl by walking through the dangerous path so that you can protect your family.

Some awesome features about this game is that it supports online storage, and that feature will help you to resume or continue the game on any device whenever you sync your account.
With the paid version, you can adjust some effect in case your device doesn’t support the full graphic. Moreover, they give you access to make the use of an external gamepad. Purchase SA from playstore

3. Final Freeway 2R Price $0.99

This is the oldest school driving games, it’s available on almost app store including playstore and it’s one of the hottest racing game
This game was updated despite its old game but it still worth the price.

Few features of Final Freeway paid android games

  • Freeway 2R has 14 different old-school arcade racing stages of which you can choose before starting the game.
  • It has six different control methods
  • Levels of difficulty are just 3
  • Build with three awesome pop-rock soundtrack
  • Pick up a path when the road splits ( Real-time road splits).

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4. Monument Valley

Monument Valley apk free download
When playing this game, you will be introduced to surreal or strange worlds of Valley Monument. After the introduction, you will gain access to some hidden puzzles and geometry monuments.
I’m this game, players ability will be tested via puzzles techniques and you have to guide your character through some series of though puzzles levels that require to be solved

It’s part of the amazing puzzles solving paid games for android devices.

Monument Valley introduced some awesome levels of puzzles solving of which you have to pick the one that suits you. Get this game from playstore

Major features

  • It supports cloud storage (save online)
  • Friendly interface and easy to use
  • Different types of awesome levels with great designed
5. Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Kingdom Rush Vengeance apk


Did you want to get best paid strategy war games to install in 2020 on your android device?
If so, Kingdom Rush Vengeance is for you and it’s just $4.99 on playstore and it has been live for the past 7 years.

On Kingdom Rush Vengeance, you will need to start building different forms of towers and some obstacles so that you can prevent your enemies from crossing or enter your headquarters. Building those towers will help you to eliminate them.

This strategy war game possesses different types of stages compared to other Kingdom games. Download this paid game from Playstore

Major features

  • There is 16 active tower with special powers and each ability are different.
  • You can combine different forms of towers to make your tower powerful.
  • There are different 35 deadly enemies that will be used to test your skills.
6. Cut the Rope: Puzzles solving game (price $1.00)

cut the rope paid games

It’s classified under puzzle and brain category

This Cut the rope has over 400 million downloads across the globe and it possesses up to 375 game levels that will surely keep you busy. You have to explore those hidden secrets and unlock the hidden awards by gathering stars gold and unlock some levels.

Cut the rope is an addictive and award-winning game. Visit this link to buy the game

Major features

  • There are 375 levels inside the 15 boxes
  • The graphics are pretty cool with modern Physics gameplay
  • You will get updates to version for free with new levels and animations
7. Bloons TD5: Price $2.99

Bloons TD5 paid android games

Category of this game: Action & Arcade

Bloons TD5 gained is 5 stars on the Google Play store with features of two-player cooperative play and it possesses peerless depth & replay-ability.
You can build some cool towers to defend by selecting the upgrades that suit you and engage some special agents.
You those special agents to invade every last Bloon perfect version of the popular defense tower in history.
TD5 gave almost five hours for fun with different challenge gameplay. Purchase this game from plastore

Major features

  • 10 new special agents
  • Three different gameplay and 3 levels of difficulty for you
  • Over 30+ tracks for you
  • Over 260+ random missions with ten special missions you can engage with.
  • Over 20+ powerful defense towers that will trigger your ability with two upgrades ways.
8. Drift Mania: The Street Outlaws (Price: $0.98)

It belongs to the Racing category

Drift Mania is part of the outlaws street games that allows players to battle or rock the street via different underground drift location across the world.
The game battle actually starts from Japan and heat to steep hill of San Francisco, Desert Canyons, and the Swiss Alps. You will experience the edge of the seat thriller while drifting on outlaw street along the dangerous path.

Street outlaw is a top-notch addictive 3D game with vivid game control and it supports multiplayer mode. Buy this game from Playstore

Major features

  • There are 21 awesome street vehicles with different features
  • It supports replay for any race
  • There are 48 upgrades function for each vehicle
  • It has 3 levels of difficulty
  • Different types of soundtrack were embedded
  • You have access to complete customization on those vehicles
  • It has five rare camera settings
9. Plants vs. Zombies (Arcade & Action)

Those Zombies will find their way to get into your house and chop up your brain. This is when you have to defend yourself by using those garden materials to block them from entering your house, doing that’s going to be tough and keep you busy. You have to plant sunflowers and the sunflowers will produce sunshines to purchase some garden materials to defeat them. As you play on, you need to unlock some weapons, because the game will be tough as the level increases.

Playing ground-start from your backyard to roofing and soon. Download it from playstore

Major features

  • This game has some cool soundtrack
  • Hold back zombies in all 59 levels like; top of the roof, via frog, during day or night and swimming pool e.t.c.
10. The Cave

It’s just $2.99 box and it belongs to the Adventure category.

The Cave belongs to a mysterious game puzzle with different mind-blowing stories and deep puzzles.
This game has special features like Time travel to destroy misleading history. You will have to pass through the depth of the cave and show up your skill for you to survive in the adventure mode.
The Cave is an adventure puzzles solving game.

Major features

  • There are some awesome locations like; mediaeval castle, amusement park, and research nuclear facility.
  • There are 7 uniques adventure puzzles games.
11. Minecraft

This game is just $6.99 box from playstore market and it belongs to Adventure-action game

The Minecraft game is known to be a sandbox game. Meanwhile playing this game, you have to think and be creative to build your Mini world by using resources you discover like; blocks & cubes and other gamers can play the Mini world you have created.
If you like to play games for long hours, then this game is for you and it support online multiplayer. Download this best paid survival games for android on playstore

Major features

  • It’s a mind-blowing game, you just need to be creative with it and it’s one of the Royal addictive games.
  • This game has two awesome mode which are survival and creativity mode
  • This creative mode is an endless world.
  • On survival mode, you have to create your own castles and some building during the daytime that will be used to save your world from monsters.

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