6 Apps That make Send Invitations Right from Your Phone

Mobile devices are being used in all corners of the world; in fact, more than 80% of the world population uses smartphones to attend to their day-to-day problems. The trend of using smart devices, including phones and tablets, has increased a lot in the past many years. In this write-up, you will find information about the top six applications to create invitations for your parties.

Send Invitations Right

You must know that creating an invitation card is as important as the event itself is. Creating an invitation card is not that easy as it looks like; you would be needing a lot of designing experience or a decent budget for creating and sending off invitation cards. If you have neither, then you need invitation maker apps or tools for this purpose.

Below we have listed out the top-notch invitation maker apps that you can easily get.

Top six invitation maker applications that you should try in 2021!

We have hand-picked these invitation maker tools after testing them for their friendly interface and their cost.

Invitation Maker Free – Birthday & Wedding Card

This invitation card maker Google Play app is one of the top six design applications. This is just because it is free to use and has a friendly interface. This is a versatile application that can be used by all sorts of users to design all kinds of invitation cards, whether formal and informal. With this invitation maker application, you can create invites for anniversaries, birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, Housewarming, BBQ, New year, baby shower, retirements, Farewells, Summer parties, engagements, and even weddings! This invitation maker also offers a ‘save the date maker’ tool, largely being accepted by the users. If you are interested in a free invitation maker with endless features, this is a perfect service.


This is another free invite maker app that you can get for both iOS and Android devices. This invitation maker app is the latest edition on the app stores. Still, you must know that its quality services and cost have made it to the list of top six designer apps that you should try in 2021. The host of the party can design fresh cards with this application. You can find tons of invitation card templates with Fete. You can also connect with your guest and chat with them using this application. You can communicate the location of the party and share the GPS of the location with this app. Now the guests do not need to install the app to connect with you or receive your messages. They can easily do it via conventional text messages.


This app is one of the best ones you can try out on your android/iOS devices. This invitation maker application is known to be the most comprehensive application for organizing a party. As a host, you can use this application for designing and sharing invites with your guests. You can easily communicate essential details with them. You can find tons of templates from which you can select the one which suits you the most. You must know that this invitation maker can only be used if you make an account with it. The tool would get access to your accounts and email contacts to share the final design directly with your guests. Evite is best for android users because of its amazing features.


This is an invitation maker that is best for iOS devices. The app has been in the digital market for the last five years or so. You don’t even need to register your account with this tool to enjoy its free use. You have to download it on your device and start designing the card for your party. The hobnob app offers you tons of template designs to customize your very own invitation cards. You can also create an invitation card from scratch if you use this tool. Designing on iOS devices is considered to be incredibly fun and soothing because of its display. If you are fond of good displays and appealing designs, then you should try this service for sure.

Paperless Post

The paperless post is the best invitation maker for desktop, android, and also iOS operating systems. You must know that this application was designed by keeping in mind the goal to get rid of all the paper waste and expenses wasted in manual designing. You must know that this is amazingly easy to use the app to design the best invites for birthdays and weddings. This invitation maker can also work as a remarkable communication portal for the guests and the host. You can post group messages and photos with the paper post. This feature of the app is often used to post after-party pictures with the guests.

Red stamp

This invitation makes it best for both android and iOS devices. Red stamp offers more than two thousand different template designs to make a perfect invite. Suppose you are not satisfied with some elements of the template. In that case, you can easily help yourself by using the tool’s customization and editing options. This application has been there in the market for the last ten years, so you should try it out!

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