Power All Apps With AnonyTun VPN Free Browsing Cheat For 9mobile

The 9-mobile got a special social smart package plan can be used like a normal data package.

Because it only permits you to use the 9 mobile social package with social applications. Here, another free browsing cheats comes through with AnonyTun VPN.

The 9mobile Plan is a class of data plans, as you may know, It were supported for use only on all social platform variants, including opera mini. During this post, the 9mobile N700 is fixed on 2 GB.
All apps can also be powered and other websites can be browsed even if you subscribe to another 9 SmartPak data plans.

AnonyTun VPN free browsing cheat

We are going to use the smart Pak plan to free browse other websites and power other apps with the help of a VPN(Virtual Private Network). I have decided to use AnonyTun VPN free browsing trick, because it is relatively popular and a lot of us who have been following this blog Already have it installed.


Settings Require for 9Mobile special smart social pak for free browsing setting on AnonyTun

I have specifically written this settings for AnonyTun VPN but this settings will also work across all other VPN that allows you to customize it. If for some reason you don’t have AnonyTun app, then you can still use this on other VPN.

    • Hit the icon to lunch and hit on Stealth icon Settings and tap it ON
    • Tick HTTP for Connection Protocol
    • With Connection Port insert 8080


  • Tap to enable TCP/HTTP Headers icon and tap on Edit custom TCP/HTTP Headers
  • Under URL/Host input Viber.com
  • Set request method to POST and tick Online Host, Forward Host and Keep Alive
  • Now Click save And Hit the Connect Widget.

That’s all it takes to browse any website with the 9mobile Special Social Smart Pack.

There is a few info you need to be aware of the 9mobile Smart Pak data bundle. The Special Social Smart pack plan cost N700 and is capped at 2GB. This pack is valid for 7 days. You can check your data status by dialing *228#.

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