Airtel 3.5gb for 1000 Naira | Airtel 3gb Subscription Code

Airtel subscription code and data plan in 2019

How to get Airtel 1.5GB for N500, 3.5GB for N1000 and 7GB for N2000 data plan.

Recent, we’ve seen the Airtel Triple Data bonus which offers 9GB for N1000 and 16GB for 2000 and this time they’ve also released a new plan which is similar to the Airtel Double Data.  All this plan work fine on 4G sim card and 4G smartphone.

 Double Data | Airtel 3gb for 1000 Naira | Airtel 3gb Subscription Code

4 months ago Airtel has been the best data plan which offer N1000 for 3GB has double data bundle… Airtel plan has been a money saver compared to other networks e.g. MTN offer 1.5GB for only N1000. Where Airtel double the data for you.

Eligible users will get 3GB for N1000, 1.5GB for N500 and 7GB for N2000 on their Airtel Sims valid for 6  months.

This 100% double data gives you 2X any data you purchase from them and as it stands, this bonus is available for those who’ve got a new smartphone or those who swap their Airtel Sims to 4G LTE.
This offer is available for old and existing subscribers, and it can be gotten in two ways.

Airtel double data eligibility

1. Purchase a new Smartphone and you’ll be eligible for this 100% double data for 6 months {3G Sims inclusive}.
2. Swap your old Airtel to 4G LTE in the nearest Airtel office and you’ll be eligible for this offer 100% data too.
Interestingly, you get free 4GB Data upon activation of your 4G Sim
Did you know that new Smartphone on Airtel qualify for 100% Data bonus for up to 6 months? This means you can get 3GB for N1000, 7GB for N2000 or even 1.5GB for just N500. To redeem your FREE DATA now, text GET to 141.

Check it out;

Airtel Double Data Airtel code for 2019, 3GB for N1000 Swapped Airtel 4G Sims

1. Recharge your Airtel with N1000 airtime.
2. Airtel 1000 code for 3gb, Navigate to your dialer and dial *496# to purchase the 3GB for N1000 data.
3. How to check airtel data plan, you can check this using  *140# to check your data balance.

Code to Get Airtel 1.5GB for N500, 3GB for N1000 and 7GB for N2000 data plan.

1. Recharge your Sim with any recharge of your choice, ranging from N500 – N2000.
2. SMS GET to 141 and you should receive a confirmation SMS.
3. Purchase any data of your choice and it will doubled instantly.

NOTE: You can continue subscribing to any data package of your choice and it will be doubled, just bear it in mind that this offer is  valid for next 6 months (90 days).
If you have any issues with these steps or you have any suggestion, please use our comment section below.

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