Google AdSense Identity Verification Failed after 3 Attempts (Solution)

How to get another chance to verify your failed identity Google Adsense account in 2020

Today, I’m going show you how you can successful verify your Identity verification on Google Adsense when you have exceeded the 3 attempts in 2020.
For most bloggers presently, AdSense is the primary source of income, particularly for brand new bloggers. It’s the strongest high-CPC ad network. Generally speaking, fresh bloggers have no understanding of affiliate marketing and AdSense is the best source of income for them because of their lower audience. Google is rolling out fresh updates that influence publishers in some ways.

Google AdSense Identity Verification Failed after 3 Attempts
 In this post, I will show you others ways or chance on how to get back your verification button and also the solution to this problem is embed in the below video.

What are the trending queries;

    1. Identity verification failed 3 three times. What should I do now to get a chance to verify identity
    2.  I have reach maximum attempts to verify my account. What should i do next? 
    3. You need another chance again
    4. Adsense identity verification troubleshooter not working
  1. Google adsense identity verification failed
  2. Adsense identity verification contact us form not working
  3.  Your ad units are not displaying ads because you’ve failed identity verification. To verify your identity and resume ad serving, please contact us. but you ended up with page not found.
Since 2019 January Adsense has add one process to PIN verification which they sent to publisher’s address after $10 threshold and before google mail you the PIN you have to verify your Identity by using the document types supported for your region;
  1. Your Passport
  2. Driver’s License
  3. Voter’s Card
  4. National ID
After the Identity verification you will be mail a PIN to your address based on the document you provided. But to verify your google adsense account, it seem to be problem for some publishers which I will solve at the end to this article. Some might have uploaded blur image, invisible part of the ID card, faded part, profile detail doesn’t match the card you provided and edited Card which are not supported by Adsense policy and you have exceeded your maximum 3 attempts and a mail was sent to you and a notification on your adsense with;

We can’t verify your identity based on the documents provided. You may have reached the maximum number of verification attempts allowed or uploaded inappropriate photos. notification saying: your ad units are not displaying ads because you’ve failed identity verification.

The above reason can let you failed to verify your account.  Don’t panic I’m here for you.
Why google are doing that is they probably wants to eliminate publishers from having multiple Adsense accounts and to make sure that Google account ownership transfer is limited. 
For that reason, things are getting worse for some new publishers whom don’t follow proper procedure to verify their identity. But today,you will another chance or method to verify your account.
After the above message, you will see blank ads space on your website because you are unable to verify your AdSense account after 3 attempts and also you will see a message Sayed contact Adsense team which will lead you to page deleted and you find out that Action button is not clickable. Don’t worry too much you see surely see the verification button at the end of this post.

Let go straight to the business on how to verify Google Adsense identity in Nigeria and India

In this tutorial, I will be showing you free way on how to get your verification button with simple trick.
You can watch the below video for full guide on how to successful verify your failed adsense account

The trick, did you need to cancel your Google Adsense account?  The answer is No
If No, how will I get back my verification button

Free procedure on how to verify failed identity on google Adsense

    • Another chance to verify your google identity, login to your myaccount, use that link 
    • adsense%2Bidentity%2Bverification%2Bfailed
    • Now, click on Payments & subscriptions as shown on the above image
    • After that click on Manage payment methods
    • Then click on setting at the left corner
    • Now Scroll down and click on Payments profile status
    • Choose I have No reason
    • You will get some mail in your inbox saying you have closed your payment profile
    • Now Login to your adsense account
    • A message will pop up saying your ads are not showing because you have not provide your payment details
    • Now click payment profile as show in the embed video and fill the necessary form
    • Wait till 24-48 hours for your verify button and ads to be back to life
  • Now, make sure you upload appropriate ID card

How can I upload identity verification card in Nigeria or India?

  • It is very simple.
  • For Nigeria, pick up your Voter’s card, National Id card or Driver’s license 
  •  Make sure you snap only the front card not the back card
  • Let it be visible and free from blur, dark or faded part.
  • Make sure you don’t upload edited card
  • After you have upload your identity wait for 10 minutes to 48 hours you will surely get response from them.
By now I hope this trick will help you to verify your Google Adsense account successfully and no verification of failed identity anymore. If you like my post, please share others and if any queries please drop your comment or contact us via contact page. Thank you.
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17 thoughts on “Google AdSense Identity Verification Failed after 3 Attempts (Solution)”

  1. Yes, you will loose all your earnings, but if you verify your pin verification within a month of account deletion you will receive the earnings but if you can't verify your account within that months, i don't think your threshold will be release for you..
    Thanks you..

  2. Hello please I have dis issue on my admob account I put and id and dey blocked me so I tried it but my balance is still d same but I filled in another payment details but can we it work


  4. The issue is that, it don't work with Admob even if you close your Adsense account , your threshold will not disappear… This trick only work for adsense or YouTube……If you still want to verify your Identity, you can associate the account with YouTube and chat them up only if you have meet their requirement.

    1. If you are perfect in doing it you can. But I recommend you to look for Voter’s card and don’t try to forge for Google Adsense.

  5. I tried using this method but get this instead :
    Payments profile closure error
    Before your payments profile can be closed, please resolve the following issues.
    You have active subscriptions or services. To close your payments profile, you’ll need to close them first.

    Any please

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