Free internet Browsing configuration with Your-Freedom Vpn | 2020

    Free Internet Browsing & Download with Your-Freedom Vpn on Android

    Your-Freedom VPN app is a tunneling app and sometimes it give you free browsing & download and get you connect to the internet. Your freedom vpn enable you to bypass any GEO restriction and ISP firewall, means you have access to browse any website for free by faking your identity online.
    free browsing download

    Client Connectivity of Your-Freedom VPN

    There are tons of tunneling protocol that works with your-freedom vpn, which includes; ECHO, HTTP,UDP, HTTPS,CGI, DNS e.t.c. With the helps of those protocol, you will enjoy smooth browsing on any web-page you visit and also your IP address indicates you are from different countries with the helps servers of your-freedom vpn.

    Voucher client code for Your-Freedom Vpn

    This Vpn provide different data package, we have the free data package that allow you to browse for maximum of 2 hours only, while others premium package is unlimited free internet browsing cheat. You can purchase it from their website and they allow only few payment options which are; PayPal, Perfect money and Bitcoin. Once you made any payment a code will be generate for you base on your plan and that code is just 10 characters only which is known as voucher code.
    The premium plan are in different package which are; Mobile Plus @ $2.25, Total Freedom, Enhanced freedom plan, and Basic freedom @ $1.15. For people who do use PC to browse the internet,  Total freedom plan is quite OK for you. Because it has no restriction on it compare to lower plan.
    For my fans that looks for free voucher code either free mobile plus account voucher code or you want get free demo account on Your-Freedom vpn just for free internet browsing cheat. You are in the right place, stay with me. Because I will provide voucher code just for free in which you can apply and start free browsing download on your device.

    How to Activate Voucher code to your-freedom account

    Register for your own account via this link
    When you are done with registration, login with your details  and activate your voucher code via this link
    You can also get free voucher code at the end of this article
    Noted that you will never see any cracked version of your-freedom vpn online.

    Free internet requirement on Your-Freedom VPN

    • Get your android either noo-rooted or rooted device
    • As mentioned earlier, register for account or login with your details
    • Download Your-Freedom apk apps from here
    • You can also get it from play-store
    • Proceed with installation of the app

    How to Setup or configure Your-Freedom for free browsing

    • Now launch the app and hit on configure and you will see different option but hit on general icon which is located at the top
    •  Once you hit on the general button, you should notice  3 push button, you have to enable those expert mode and go back to main menu to finish your setup.
    • Hit on account details and then type in all your details when you create account with them
    • Now be careful with this section, click on connection icon
    • Your-Freedom vpn have tons of server but some has weak connection while others are in good mode
    • Just try different server because some server do drop while browsing. Try to pick stable server and also add secondary ISP server name when you are through with server picking. It should look like this;;your ISP server name.
    • Set your Tweak as None
    • Set your connection mode as DNS
    • Your connection Port as 53
    • Don't tamper with any configuration in your DNS settings i.e leave it as default
    • Don't modify anything In connection options
    • Use default protocol configuration
    • On DNS TX adaption factor input 1.1
    • On DNS domain, use default settings. You can change it only if you know it will work better with your ISP.
    • Finally, If this is your first time of using Your-Freedom VPN. I recommend above setting for you.
    • If you face any problem while applying the above configurations,please download the Config File below.

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