How to Bypass Google Account Verification (FRP) on All Android Devices

    How to remove Google FRP lock on all MTK devices and Samsung 

    When you purchased your Android device, before you can enjoy all the feature on it, you have to sign in your Google account so that your android can run better and in other to download app from play store or watch YouTube movies. This account is set as Device ID on Android 5.0 and higher version. 

    Find my device feature (FRP lock) will turn on automatically when you sign in on brand new phone, find my device (FRP) will be assign with first Google Account you use on your device (means the owner).

    In as much you don't turn of the feature or remove google account before you factory reset your Android. The Google account verification will pop up when you are setting up your device after reset. To bypass or remove google account verification lock, be with us because this post will cover different methods on how to remove frp lock on android 6.0, 7.0. 8.0 and 9.0.

    Easy way to by-pass FRP lock (Google account verification on any Samsung devices e.g. galaxy series)
    Are you worried if FRP lock you out on your Samsung galaxy devices? I mean after your factory reset your smart-phone and during the process of booting up its request for previous google account you used on the device.
    You don't have to worry anymore because google account verification on any galaxy phone is now super-easy to unlock with the aids of tools like FRP Un-locker. After you factory reset your Samsung galaxy devices, you can easily bypass any account verification lock with the aids of FRP tools.

    How can I remove or bypass Google account sign-in verification with FRP lock tools?

    Firstly, download latest FRP tools file (Developer settings) from here
    Get a usb drive that support O.T.G I mean USB with OTG.
    Now copy the downloaded frp tools (developer settings apk app) to your USB drive
    When you are setting up your device after factory reset, do the proper setup before you get to account verification
    Skip sim option and move to next step
    The next option will be connect with WiFi. This is where we need to work and you have to be careful with this process.
    Now let your phone search for any available network, in-case your device can't find any available network. You have to create network by using another phone to create secure WiFi.
    This time, let your device connect to any available network by selecting anyone you wish to connect to. While selecting the wifi, password section will pop-up and enter your login details.
    The next step will be policy agreement, do necessary things, skips any Samsung agreement and proceed to the next menu.
    The final step will be google account verification. This option will come up if you don't remember to remove your google account when you performed factory reset.

    I hope by now your OTG contained the FRP tool. Now connect your OTG to your android phone and when USB-storage prompt on your display screen.
    Click on it and this will lead you to file manager and try to look for FRP tools on your USB-OTG drive. The tools always end in apk extension and click on it, it will lead you to developer mode for installation
    Make sure you wait until installation is complete and click on open
    Once you clicked on open, this will lead you to phone setting where you have access to erase all google account.
    While on setting>> navigate to back up and reset>> Select factory-reset and click on erase everything including your data and all account.
    Now your Samsung will reboot and you have to setup again. But this time it will not request for any google account verification.

    How to bypass or remove Google account FRP lock on any MediaTek phone with SP flashing tool & MTK FRP tools

    MTK frp tools is known as desktop tool that is use to bypass or remove any google account verification without downloading firmware of that android phone. This mediatek MTK frp tool is going to generate scatter file and frp format address that you will use to flash your android phone with SP flash tool and it works on almost latest android like Android 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.1.0, 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.1, 7.0, 7.0.1,7.1, 8.0, 9.0
    This tutorial works on all mediatek listed below:
    MediaTek MT-6580, MediaTek MT6750, MTK MT6755, MTK MT6572 MTK MT6592, MTK MT-6737, MediaTek MT-6795, - MediaTek MT-6735, MediaTek MT-6753

    Requirement to remove google account frp lock on all MTK device

    Let your smartphone be fully charge
    Download and install MTK USB driver to your window
    Download and install latest All in one MTK FRP tool

    How to remove google frp account with MTK frp tool

    • Download MTK unlock tools.exe from here
    • Download unlock tools.exe 2 from here and use mexes as your password
    • Download Mediatek tool rar from here and use TECH INDIA as your password

    Now launch the app and click on the MTK6795 (select your device mtk number in other to get exact scatter file). Now locate the frp format and copy the scatter file to place like document or desktop.

    I hoped you have sp flash tools on your system. If you don't have, you can read on how to use sp flash tools on any window.
    Locate Sp flash tools and click on the application icon to run it.

    Move your cursor to scatter loading and locate the file you saved in the above step.
    remove frp lock

    • Now move your cursor to format section and make sure you tick manual format
    • Click on frp format section and copy and paste this code 0x6A00000 to Begin address (HEX). Paste this second code 0x100000 to Format-Length 
    • Once you are through with copy and paste 
    •  Switch off your android device 
    • Hit on start button
    • Now connect your device with USB cable and the flash will begin.
    • If you are confused about using sp flash tools, you can read on this article.
    • After successful flash, Google account will be remove from your device.

    If you have any technical problem on this tutorial, please use our comment box.

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