Thursday, August 1, 2019

List of free browsing cheat with Http Injector Config file | August 2019 on 9Mobile

    9Mobile config ehi file for streaming and free browsing in August 2019 

    It's been a long run for free browsing cheat on HTTP Injector VPN that stop working. But here is the good news that http injector app is updated and now working on 9mobile and  Zamtel Zambia right now in the month of August.

    For the previous few days, this fresh Airtel9mobile  and  Zamtel Zambia free cheat has been trending online and this is not completely free browsing cheat in 2019 as may be the case,  because you will need to subscribe to 9mobile pack of #350 and enjoy big data worth 2.2GB.

    Trending cheat;
    Airtel free data with Droid vpn

    This is a browsing tweak that works right now and you can't afford to miss it, If you're familiar with Http Injector VPN then you'd know it's one of the most accurate and reliable free browsing cheat apps. Now, I'm going to show you on how to set up the free cheat and access the EHI Config file to start your free browsing, this time you'll get 2.2 GB that you'll be able to use for a month.

    Requirement to setup your free browsing cheat with http injector 

    • You need Android Mobile
    • Working 9mobile sim on 3G/4G
    • Http Injector app and it's Configuration file
    • Use the default settings for the 9mobile APN

    9Mobile Free Browsing Cheat With Http Injector Config File

    • Get the latest Http Injector apk app from the following link by downloading via Playstore
    • Download the 9mobile Ehi config file ( This file is created by Pro Entclassblog)
    • Here are the list of working ehi file for August 2019 with expire date.
    • 9Mobile ehi file link1 and link2  (configuration is valid until 7/08/2019 as stated by Entclassblog)
    • Streaming config file link1 and link2 
    •  Zamtel Zambia unlimited free browsing cheat file here
    • Social medial ehi unlimited config file here by Techoragon
    • Before you can enjoy this file you have to make a social plan which will cost you N350 only, by dialling this code *200*3*3*2*3# and remember it's valid for a month.
    • After successful installlation of apk and download config files
    • To enter the downloaded 9mobile ehi file, start the app and find and press the icon that looks like a folder with a fold edge at the top right corner of the interface and show below.
    • Find and import the ehi file, you should locate and import the config file in the download folder on your device.
    • Hit the start to connect, it should connect within 4 to 10 seconds.

     You should also noted that the config file expires by 26th of this month, so do yourself a favour and start using it before it expires.

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