MTN & Airtel Free Browsing Cheat | Http injector Ehi Config File

    Here  is another latest working ehi config file for MTN and Airtel browsing cheats with http injector in January 2020.
    For the previous few days, 9mobile  and  Zamtel Zambia free social cheat has been trending online and I'm here to share you another config ehi file on Airtel which also work with social data plan by subscribing to any available pack like 50mb for N50, 80mb for 100 naira and N300 for 600mb.

    Please don't forget to update your HTTP Injector VPN app to the recent version by downloading it from the link below before you start. Also remember to leave your network APN setting (default) as the same. Without wasting much time, lets move straight to the settings of the latest working Free Browsing Cheat of the month of September. This browsing cheat is known as Social bundle cheat on Airtel network.

    Requirement to activate Airtel and MTN free browsing cheat with http injector config file 

    • Your Android Mobile from 4.4 upward
    • Working Airtel or MTN sim on 3G/4G
    • Http Injector app and it's Configuration file
    • Use the default settings for the 9mobile APN
    • Active airtel social plan by dialing *141# and select any social pack.

    How can I  setup free Airtel social browsing cheat with http injector config file

    • Get the latest apk app from the below link by downloading through Playstore
    • Download the Airtel Ehi config file
    • Here are the list of working free ehi file for September 2019 with expire date (28/09/2019).
    • Free Airtel social ehi config file download it here 
    • As mentioned earlier before you can enjoy this file you must make a social bundle which will cost you N50-300 only, by dialling this code *141#.
    • After successful installlation of apk and download config files
    • To enter the downloaded Airtel ehi file, start the app and find and press the icon that looks like a folder with a fold edge at the top right corner of the interface and show below.
    • Locate and import the ehi file, you should find and import the config http injector file in the download folder on your device.
    • Hit the start to connect, it should connect within few seconds.

    MTN http injector ehi config file for free browsing cheat in January 2020

    This ehi config file is free on MTN without subscribing to any data plan. Use the below link to download ehi config file for MTN SA. It expire on 18/01/2019
    Download http injector latest ehi config file from here

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