14 Best Way To Increase Adsense CPC Rate And CTR In 2019

    You could not simply ignore the value of AdSense optimisation, if you're a Webmaster/Blogger and AdSense is your target source of revenue.
    adsense cpc keywords 

    There are several things to complain about AdSense optimization.
    However, the primary goal is to achieve high eCPM or get high costs per click. Otherwise, you may not be making a lot of money, despite the positive AdSense CTR. The non-English website is familiar with all of this.
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    If you're in the AdSense section of publisher who receive massive traffic, whereas AdSense profits remain low. It is time to examine what are mentioned below. So Google Adsense CPC and overall profits will certainly increase.

    Trending Topic, how can I increase or boost my adsense CPC in any countries.

    AdSense has proven itself to be one of the easiest ways for a webmaster to make money, only if you have high cpc paying Ads.
    AdSense is truly the most efficient way to making a money from a website as you don't have to do any selling.
    AdSense deals with all of the money and contacting advertisers which leaves the webmaster time to promote their site. However, there are many webmasters struggling to earn any kind of decent money from adsense.
    While on the other hand their are a fortunate few that are earning a great deal up in the hundred even thousands of dollars a day range.

    The greatest thing about the internet is that people are willing to sharing information and the top AdSense earners are often more then willing to share there secrets and tips of what they do.
    The webmasters that have been there and done it and are now earning income daily from their websites have a ton of great tips and helpful advice for those just getting started in the field of AdSense and contextual advertising. Some of these tips can quickly boost earnings and help to continuously grow a webmasters income.

    What you must Understand by the words AdSense CPC:

    C.P.C represent Cost per click, which mean you make more money per/click on your blog.
    Reason that Affect AdSense C.P.C:

    1. Pick a Niche that have high CPC keywords

    When optimizing high cpc adsense keywords, it's one of the most important tips to choose the correct niche on your blog / website.
    Cost per click (CPC) for an ads, depends on the particular topic you keywords publish on your blog. Well, well! Well! Allow me to clarify one thing, here that you're going to choose niche. However, there are niches that can pay you high CPC.
    Check how to get Adsense Approval

    2. Allow Block Ads:

     Allow Block Ads is accessible in Google AdSense. You can go and see how much each ads categories is paying you. This shows you various categories of ads that appear on your website. If you find that any ad category that does not pay a lot, please block it.

    3. Platform

    If your blogs are reads on various platforms such as desktop computers, laptops, mobile, etc.
    Although CPC is usually not greatly affected by the advertising platforms, you should do your best to target as many readers as possible. You will get most of the readers from desktop and laptop devices.

    4. Country:

     Is part of the important procedure that can boost or increase CPC. E.g A click on ads from USA can give you up to $2 to $3 depending on your domain authority and main keyword.  Click from India area can provide you only 20 to 30 cents, which is pretty low.
    Top 25 Countries With High Adsense CPC
    Highest CPC countries Base on Adwords bids

    Many countries are working to get a high CPC but top 25 countries are listed below in ascending order:

    1. Canada
    2. Australia
    3. United States
    4. United Kingdom
    5. Germany
    6. Switzerland
    7. Marshal islands
    8. New Zealand
    9. Brazil
    10. Italy
    11. Chile
    12. Jamaica
    13. Finland
    14. Turkey
    15. Norway
    16. Ireland
    17. The Dominican Republic
    18. Sweden
    19. Iceland
    20. South Africa
    21. Portugal
    22. Lebanon
    23. Japan
    24. Spain
    25. Greece
    These top 25 countries got the highest CPC because they are very targeted to the advertisers around the world.  The variation of high ranking is more in American Countries and compared that to Asian countries with low CPC.
    It will interest you to know that a single click from any of the countries above can fetch you between $3- $100  per 1000 traffic but it depending on "topics or keywords".
    You may also get annoy or you can  course google if you get clicks from Countries  with low CPC that can give you as low as $0.001 to $0.05 per click.
    The sorting of countries in the above list is based on personal experience and research, You have the right to disagree with it.

    5. Text, Image Format And AdSense Placement:

    AdSense ad placement is a place where many webmaster leave money on the table. You see they sign up and get the ad units up and on their site. However, they bury the ads down at the bottom of the page well hidden from most users. Many webmasters do this because they don't want their site to be filled with too many ads as they feel it ruins the design.
    While most will agree that the ads are not the most attractive element if you are even reading this article then obviously you are looking to earn more from AdSense so just get rid of the notion of a beautiful site and instead focus on a money producing site no matter what it looks like. In fact some of the top earning sites are the ugliest.
    Picking right Ads format will surely boost your income. For example. Ads Width: 728px and Height: 90px will be ok as website header banner. Keep it in mind, you should "always pick right ads format for your blog".
    Note: Try to change your ads placement for every 7 days, in other to get high revenue and know the on that suit your blog.

    6.Best Ad Unit

    The one ad format that seems to consistently earn more then any other ad and also the one that is favored by the majority is the Large Rectangle (336X280). This ad format has the ability to create a higher CTR, or the click-through rates. Why does this ad tend to outperform all of the others when there are so many other options out there? Basically because the ads will look like normal web links, and people, being used to clicking on them, click these types of links. They may or may not know they are clicking on your AdSense but as long as there are clicks, then it will all be for your advantage.

    7. Keep Experimenting

    In conclusion I would only say if you follow and implement these 10 tips then you can surely increase your AdSense revenue from 30% to 40%.
    It is completely legal and genuine way to increase your earning in short time. You can also search for highest CPC AdSense Keywords and compile one-two posts around it.

    8. Choose Big Ads:

    AdSense advertisements come in a variety of formats and sizes, so you can tailor the formats to see which one works best with your blog or website. Having an advertisement that looks good on your blog or site is important, but keeps in mind: the size large advertisements have long proven to give the best payout. Maybe this is because the ad is right in any visitor's face, or maybe it's because that size can display video ads.

    9. Use multiple ad units to maximize conversion:

    A simple way to increase your AdSense click rate and revenue is to place ad units of more than one type (AdSense for content, link, and search) and in different sizes on your pages. This way, your users are served more ads from Google's large ad inventory, increasing the probability that they will end up clicking on one of them. Make sure that the best-located ad on your web page shows up first in your HTML code. This will ensure that your most visible ad real-estate is taken by ads that place the highest in the auction-increasing your revenue.

    10. Build an audience before setting up AdSense:

    Though it may be tempting to set up AdSense on your website right after you've published the first piece of content the temptation should be avoided if you really want successful from AdSense. Cluttering your website with ads before anybody really knows about it will likely put visitors off, and consequently, they'll be less likely to share or link to it. This limits your ability to emerge as an authority in your niche.

    11.Publish high-quality content on a constant basis

    This really is very important to having success with Google AdSense, the other points are all just tips to help in one way or another but when it comes to AdSense earnings, content really is most important. To make it simple if you don't have traffic, you won't make money but more traffic then you will make more money.
    Hence quality and more quantity content will impact  high AdSense CPC rates. For example, the more CTR on a specific URL the higher the high C.P.C. Based on google adsense algorithm, if your content happened to be on "first page position 8" serp, the higher the CTR, the more you rank high till you get to position one in the serp. Means the advert that will display on that specific URL will be high paying Ads. Specifically, quality content is what search engine(S.E) loves, Means more click and more revenue if your ad is highly targeted and your traffic is from the countries like U.S.A, U.K. When you do a Keyword research, make sure to use Approximate CPC column.
    12. The Domain Authority Of Your Blog Is Important
    Google reads at your current website's authority and sees its importance for the most highly paid keywords. The highest cost keywords will be used for a blog that has higher authority since Google looks upon its advertisers.

    13. Enable Placement Targeting:

    This allows advertisers to include your website in their campaign, either by name or by targeting an interest group. Placement targeting should be enabled by default, but if you're using DFP you may need to take a few additional steps.

    14. Monitor Your Success:

    No matter You should keep a log of the achievement of your ads on your blog or website. You're not going to wind up failing if you don't survey your ads. You'll be able to pin point which ads work, which don't, and over time you may discover that certain ads work best at certain times throughout the year while others work best at other times.

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