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Friday, March 8, 2019

Airtel night and data plan code for 1000 naira in 2019

Airtel data plan in 2019

There are numerous tons of data plan or cheat out there, which allow everyone to access or surf through the Internet. Few of it are listed below;
750GB for N500 
1.5GB for N1,000
2.5GB for N1500 with airtel night bonus of 1GB

How to get double and triple data on Airtel

Let's say you purchase a data bundle of 500 naira by dialing *141# and you select weekly or monthly plan, which gives you 750MB data. In lieu , you will get 2.2GB data on your new Airtel 4G sim. That means you get triple of 750MB  data bundle that you purchased.
The above procedure also work fine for all other plans. But not all SIM cards are eligible for the offer if your sim is more than 3 months old probably you are not qualify.

Airtel data plan code for 1000 naira

Navigate to your Dialer Screen and dial *141#,  select any of your plan choice. Or dial the below code;
*141*1000#  N1000 for 5GB for New Sim only.

Airtel night plan code in 2019

Without any doubt, Airtel is one of the most affordable night data plans in Nigeria. They Introduced the N25 For 500MB and N200 for 1.5GB night plan respectively. Compare with other network
You can also re-subscribe to any of the night plans after exhausting your data at that same night.

How To Subscribe To Airtel 500MB For N25 Night Plan

Firstly, you have to check if you are on Smart Trybe tariff and if not. Then you can migrate to this tariff by dialing this USSD subscription code *312# then reply with 1.
After migration, then dial *312# for  Airtel night plan and reply with 3 and reply with 1 for 500MB for N25. This Night plan can be used from 12am - 5am.
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How to check Airtel data balance

You can check it by navigating to your call dialer and then dial the below USSDD code. *223# and you will get a USSDD pop up showing your remaining or unused data balance.
Well, I preferred dialing *140# to get a message for all data balances i have subscribed and including all BONUSES.
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