Here is the latest working Http Injector config file for MTN 0.0KB free browsing cheat in February 2019. This ehi config file is limit per 1GB daily.
Hey guys, here is the latest working Http Injector config file for MTN 0.0KB free browsing cheat, this config file is capped per 1GB daily.
  Read the be instructions on how to import it and make it works.
Ehi HTTP Injector  Config File For February 2019
This new http injector  are super fast and it will power all smartphone apps, below are the requirements to get started:
Requirement file for http injector config file.
  1. An Android Phone
  2. MTN NG 3G or 4G with 0.0kb Airtime and data balance (It doesn't have to be N0.0.
  3. Make sure you have exhausted your airtime, if you have data it might be deducting out of your data, its better to use it in a sim without data.
  4. Apply default MTN APN settings. (Meaning Don't Change your MTN browsing settings),
  5. After you have downloaded the App and the file you need to read the  instruction carefully in order start enjoying it.
New EHI Http Injector Config File for MTN 0.0KB Cheat For February 2019
New Spark VPN Config File for MTN 0.0KB Cheat For February 2019
Step 1. Download https injector apk app from >> Here
2. Download http config ehi file here
Download HTTP Injector App and it's Config file for MTN 0.0kb cheat from the  above links.  After download , open the HTTP APP on your phone.
 Look for something that looks like a file at the right hand top corner of the App below and import the file ehi file.
Note: You can only  import the HTTP file if you know the  exact location its downloaded
After you have imported the file successfully click on start
How To Use Your MTN Http Injector File On Your P.C Using PdaNet+
PdaNet+;  Is used for sharing tunnel VPN connection it allows you to connect all your tunnel VPN network to any PC or device via USB Tethering or WiFi Hotspot.
PdaNet+ App for Android
PdaNet+ Software for P.C
1. Download PdaNet+ for Android here
2.  Download PdaNet+ for P.C here.
Download and install the PdaNet+ on your Android Phoneand on your P.C.
After you install the App on your Android phone and eable USB debugging on your Android (from the “Developer Options” on your settings) and after you install the PdaNet+ on your P.C you will see the icon pinned below on your P.C. Right click from there to connect to USB or WiFi.
Launch the App, connect your phone USB to your P.C,  tick USB tether from your App.
Wait for it to connect on your P.C.


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